The Summer Job Search: The Secrets of Getting Hired

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Conditions may differ around the country but there’s no doubt about it: temperatures are definitely on the rise, heavy winter coats are finally being mothballed, and summer is almost here! You may be tempted to put your job search on hiatus in favor of grilling, picnicking, biking, swimming, vacationing, or any number of other things that bring you out into the beautiful summer weather. By all means, make time for those activities but don’t neglect your job search until autumn. You may miss out on a great window of opportunity.

Hiring doesn’t take a vacation:

Employees may scoot out of the office for vacations and four day weekends but hiring managers are still focused on acquiring top talent. Hiring doesn’t grind to a halt when the temperature perks up. In fact, many businesses escalate hiring during the summer months to take advantage of the slowed down pace of major projects.

There are no end-of-the-year financial deadlines to deal with or beginning-of-the-year launches. Pressures are down and hiring managers can dedicate the time to interview job seekers. With vacation time strewn in the mix, the duration of the hiring process may be a bit longer (up from a 3 weeks average to 5 weeks) but there are more opportunities available. Moreover, your odds are often much better.

The odds are in your favor:

Some job seekers are drawn into the myth of the hiring slow-down. Others, exhausted by months of searching, decide to give themselves a break until fall. Much like the winter holiday season, the competition begins to dwindle down as people make excuses to focus on diving boards & swimming pools instead of job boards & talent pools. So, unless you are a high school or college student in search of summer work or an internship, you are more than likely facing a diminished field of competitors.

Adjusting to the job is easier:

For those who successfully land a new job during the summer months, there may even be another advantage: a much smoother job transition. In certain industries, the summer months are dedicated to training employees during project down time, so you will get more attention as you transition into your new role. Furthermore, with the warmer weather, you can expect more companies to plan outings, cookouts, and other events where you can build bonds with your teammates from the start. There is less of a feeling of being in over your head. Take that when you can get it.

In conclusion:

So, when you are taking in the rays this summer (hopefully with a nice layer of sun screen applied), remember to balance your relaxation with time spent continuing your job search. Those who take a protracted break for the summer may return to find their skills rusty & brittle. So, if you want to give yourself a real edge in the job market, keep writing those resumes, applying, and making the time to interview (your tanning regimen could use a break anyway).

by James Walsh

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