Forget Google Glass: Wait for the Contact Lens Computer

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contact lens computerGoogle Glass still doesn’t have a release date set for the public, and although it has commanded the attention of media outlets, bloggers, and programmers, it may already be on its way to becoming old news. Before Google has even finished developing its marketing strategy for Glass, researchers have already begun working on the next era of technology: a computer display built into a contact lens.

How they did it

The Ulsan Institute of Technology, partnering with Samsung, broke through the next barrier in wearable technology when they attached an LED to an ordinary contact lens, creating the smallest display screen known to man. Just as the public begins to reconcile with the price and privacy concerns of Google Glass, innovators have already presented the next generation of wearable tech.

Using a mixture of grapheme and silver nanowires, South Korea’s Jang-Ung Park and his team were able to attach a single pixel to an everyday contact lens. The contact turned display screen was then tested in a rabbit’s eye where, to the pleasure of the development team, no irritation occurred.

While it may be a far cry from a fully capable display, and leagues away from the operational Google Glass, the fact that this technology is already in development speaks to the rapid rate of growth the industry has experienced in the past decade. It is also not surprising to see Samsung as the driving force behind the invention that could put Google Glass to shame.

Is this the next big thing in the tech world, and will Google Glass be outdone before its release date? Probably not, but it’s still hard to wrap your head around the revelation of a distant future before the not so distant future has even come to pass.

By Kevin Withers

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