Attracting the Mobile Job Seeker

July 17th, 2013 | Resume | No Comments »

Mobile Job Seeker

In the mobile era, job seekers are not constrained to just searching for employment from home. During any spare moment (on the train, during lunch, or while waiting for friends), they can browse job boards, search company job listings, and even apply using mobile job search apps.

Over 77% of job seekers hunt for jobs this way yet only a scant number of employers have kept up with this forward pace.

Of all Fortune 500s, 220 companies use an employment page design that caters to PC users. Of those with mobile friendly designs, many still require all application submissions come from a PC. That doesn’t even account for companies outside of Fortune 500s.

This approach of catering toward PC users is increasingly archaic. Mobile devices have surpassed PCs in predominant usage, and websites everywhere are evolving to attract mobile users.

Any business that intends to remain competitive while hiring must do the same.

Here are a few tips to help your business attract the growing population of mobile job seekers.

• Use job boards with heavily downloaded mobile apps. Twitter, Monster, LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, and Facebook boast apps that maximize the mobile experience.

• Write job ad content that is quick & to the point. Keep in mind the small space provided by a cell phone or tablet screen. Anything too wordy will get overlooked.
• Use spacing to your advantage. Big blocks of text scare mobile users away. Embrace white space.

• Use bullet points when you can; they draw a user’s eye more willingly through your ads.

When searching and applying for jobs, mobile users are viewing your job advertisements on a smaller screen and are typically dealing with a greater amount of background noise than the PC job seekers before them.

Successful hiring practices have to play to these factors or risk losing out on great candidates. Any business slow to act will be left in the dust as the mobile revolution continues to march onward.

Has your company made the move to attract the mobile job seeker yet?

by James Walsh