What will the 2nd Half of 2013 Bring?

July 10th, 2013 | Hiring Resources | No Comments »

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At the speed the Information Technology industry moves at, a single year can seem like decades in terms of changing trends and advancements in technology. As we make our way through the third quarter of this year, here is what you can expect from the IT world.

More Jobs

The May report from The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that jobs in the IT field increased by 2.6% over last year, maintaining the solid pace set in April. Management and technical consulting lead the way with a 5.6% increase, and jobs in communications equipment struggled with a 2.1% decrease. These numbers are predicted to stay strong through the coming months.

A New Generation of Workers

June is here, and graduation season is already under way. That means that a fresh crop of workers will be entering the labor force. As we push further into the 2000s, Generation Y is heavily mixing with Generation X and the Baby Boomers. Most of the young talent graduating this year will have been born post 1990, an era where children were steeped in rapidly changing technology.

Growing Technology

Digital files and internet storage is progressively replacing hardware in almost every industry. CDs, Blu-rays, and DVDs are facing heavy competition from digital downloads, and the Cloud has begun to usurp the physical hard drive.

Mobile technology has made it significantly easier to access the Internet anywhere, and users are demanding more access to digital storage. Because of this, more businesses are embracing models that integrate data into cloud systems (IPaas).

As the Internet of Things continues to connect multiple devices – all accessible through mobile phones – experts are predicting that storing data on cloud systems will become the preferred method of data storage.

by Kevin Withers