4 Interview Outfit Tips

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Dress Code

What you wear for your job interview doesn’t have to be Armani, Versace, or cost more than a high end Mac Book Pro to make the right first impression. Your interview ensemble should be a professional extension of you that gives the hiring manager an idea of your respectability and personality long before you ever speak a word. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to help your interview attire resonate long after you leave the office.

Know the dress code

Be prepared. Every proven job seeker knows that following this simple adage can lead to major success. Finding out the dress code should be part of your preliminary research. Since most businesses don’t spend their time bragging about workplace fashion on their websites, it will take more than just a spin on the About Us or Careers pages. You should contact someone within the company – a friend, the receptionist, or an HR representative – to help determine which threads will and won’t fly.

Keep your look reserved

Once you know the dress code and atmosphere, you want to choose an interview outfit that makes a professional statement. If you are only remembered as that guy with the acid-washed jeans and ironic t-shirt or as that woman with the transparently sheer blouse and feathered mini-skirt, you can be the best candidate and still not get the job. Your interview outfit should stick to neutral colors and should have no tears, stains, or other imperfections. Also, it never hurts to tailor your outfit around your idea of what the boss would wear.

Look flawless

Once you’ve picked the right interview outfit, every aspect of your look should be tailored to perfection. Any visible article of clothing should be pressed or ironed to eliminate the faintest trace of wrinkles. If you aren’t up to the task, take your interview outfit to the dry cleaners. Also, your shoes should be polished and any limited amount of jewelry you choose to wear should be tarnish free.

Get a second opinion

If you want to make sure your interview outfit works, take it for a test drive in front of a practice audience. That way, if you lack a pronounced fashion sense, you can avoid any pitfalls and revise your clothing selection beforehand.

by James Walsh

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