Top 10 Programming Languages and IT Skills

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Whether you are a longstanding IT veteran or a newcomer to the field, keeping up with popular programming languages and in-demand skills is vital to the prosperity of your career. While the sea of programming languages can be difficult to stay afloat in, and mastering them all is virtually impossible, there are a few essential languages that remain the go-to tools of programmers.

According to a recent report released by the TIOBE Programming Community Index, the top 10 programming languages are:

1. Java
2. C
3. C++
4. Objective-C
5. PHP
6. C#
7. (Visual) Basic
8. Python
9. JavaScript
10. Ruby

While it is not surprising to see the longstanding languages Java, C, and C++ in the top 5, Objective-C has certainly made a huge jump in the list, beating out even the popular PHP and C# languages. Since mobile applications for iOS platforms began to surge in the marketplace, Objective-C has jumped from #41 on the list in 2008 to a top-5 position.

Top IT Skills

Fluency in programming languages isn’t everything. Employers also want to see skills derived from experience working in positions within the field. In a different report, demand for skilled workers in multiple IT fields continues to rise, with the following positions being the most popular:

1. Software Developer (including mobile development)
2. Business/Data Analyst
3. Helpdesk Professional
4. Project Manager
5. Quality Assurance Analyst
6. System Administrator
7. Network/Telecom Analyst
8. Database Developer & Administrator
9. Data Warehouse (Analyst, Specialist, Programmer)
10. ERP (Administrator, Analyst, Programmer)

Aside from focusing on a particular skillset for an eclectic field, IT professionals, both new and established, can benefit from making themselves as versatile and attractive to employers as possible. While it is completely unnecessary and impractical to achieve a full mastery over the every one of the aforementioned languages and skills, familiarizing yourself with a handful – particularly these towards the top of the lists – can be a great asset to helping any professional career.

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of Ribbit Voice via Flickr