5 iOS Apps Developers Can’t Live Without!

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On Tuesday, we heard Apple’s announcement of their new iPhone models, the 5C and the 5S, which will predictably bring iOS fans flocking to the Apple store to upgrade their phones. For those interested in the 5S, you can expect a handful of new updates: Apple’s faster A7 processor, a motion processor which can transform the 5S into a fitness tracker, and the much talked about Touch ID fingerprint security scanner. Outside of that, it will have most of the same functionality that you’ve come to expect.

In honor of the new release, we’ve compiled a list of 5 must have IT apps for any aspiring iOS developers and designers.

1.) Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS

Whether this is your first foray into iOS development or you are practically on a first name basis with Larry Page, this tool is essential. It can provide you with basic tutorials, helpful reminders, resources, and quizzes to sharpen your app writing skills to a poignant tip. Better yet, it’s all packaged in a friendly user interface that doesn’t feel cluttered.

2.) Adobe PhotoShop Express

A good iOS developer should be more than just someone who can crank out clean, top-tier HTML, CSS, and PHP code. For an app to really catch fire, you need to have visually appealing images that make users forget they’re interacting with a flat phone screen. Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to do that and break free of the chains of desktop & laptop photo-editing. It’s simple to use, can handle image noise reduction, and is the perfect tool for those light photo edits on the go.

3.) Source Viewer

Did a specific website catch your attention? Wonder how it was done? Source Viewer allows you to review the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS source code for any site on the web. Best of all, you can get it for under a buck.

4.) WordPress

As one of the most prominent content management sites in use, it’d be hard to imagine a reason not to get this iPhone app. The free iPhone WordPress app allows you to handle website administration – creating posts, adding images, and updating links – without being slowed down by HTML code writing. Sure, you could write the scripts but this significantly speeds up the process.

5.) Color Expert

There are any number of color tools available through the Apple store but this one gives you a number of neat features. You get a color wheel, you can extract colors from the image itself, or even go through a color swatch for insight into complimentary shades. Plus, its interactive layout is pretty user friendly.

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  1. Brad says:

    Some of these look interesting. It would be nice if you could provide links to the apps in the blog post. Thanks!