6 Tips for a Stress Free Out of State Interview

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out of state interview

Searching for a job is complicated enough, but when you add in the process of attending an out of state interview it can reach a whole other level of complexity. Setting aside the prospects of you actually relocating for a job, ironing out the details of an out of state job interview can leave a significant amount of room for error. Booking flights, researching hotels, and familiarizing yourself with another town is not the ideal way to prepare for a job interview.

Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that can allow this process to run smoothly, getting you through the interview while minimizing the chances of something undesirable occurring.

Respond immediately

Even if you are unsure whether or not you actually plan to attend the out of state interview, you should respond to the offer immediately. If you need some time to think it over, respond to the company right away to let them know that you are interested the offer and would like to contact them to further discuss it. This will buy you some time to check your calendar and talk it over with your significant other without making the company wait for a response.

Prepare accordingly

Just as you should research the company thoroughly, out of state interviews also require you to know the area in which the office is located. You do not want to fly across the country into unknown territory without being prepared. If you know anyone that lives locally, now is the time to give them a call. Ask about areas to avoid lest you book a hotel in the wrong part of town. Also, ask them about the best time to travel to avoid traffic. If you don’t know anyone in town, you could ask a few questions to someone at the company. Just don’t overdo it and make yourself look so incompetent that you cannot plan a simple business trip.

Pack a carry on

Guess what makes carryon luggage so great? It rarely leaves your side. Not only will you save on airline baggage fees but you will also eliminate the lost baggage scenario. There is nothing worse than showing up to an out of state interview in your travel clothes because your suit was accidentally shipped overseas.

Arrive early

You know the 15 minute rule for interviews? This applies infinitely more to out of state interviews. Flights can be cancelled/delayed, so avoid travelling the day of the interview at all costs. Try to fly out the morning of the day before the interview. This will leave you plenty of time to travel and to do a test run from your hotel to the office. You will want to know exactly where you are going the day of the interview to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar town.

Arrange a wakeup call

Cell phones die, alarms fail to go off, and sometimes we hit snooze and never wake up. Call the front desk of the hotel and ask for a wakeup call so that you know you will be on time to your interview.

Don’t run up the company tab

If you are lucky enough to get a company that will foot the bill for your travel, flying first class, staying at a luxury hotel, and cleaning out the mini bar is not the way to make a great impression on the company. This is a job interview, not a vacation. This is not the time to relax and enjoy the perks of company travel. Save that for when you are actually employed by the company.

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of mxmstryo via Flickr