Top 5 Android Apps for Developers

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adroid apps for developers

Last week, we released a list of the top iOS applications for developers and designers – now its Android’s turn. If you are sick and tired of hearing about iOS 7 and just want to settle into your next coding venture on your Android powered phone then you absolutely must check out these applications tailored to the developer and designer crowd.

Magic Color Picker

If you need a specific color but you’re unable to find a comprehensive palette then look no further. Magic Color Picker has a complete wheel of colors in a variety of formats. Whether you are working in RGB, HSV, YUV, HSL, or hexadecimal, this app has the ability to brighten any project. Plus, it’s free!

CSS & HTML Cheat Sheet

Although two separate apps, each costing only $.99, these cheat sheets are everything a frontend developer like you will need to refresh your memory or learn the qualities of CSS and HTML languages. Whether you are fairly new to either language or you simply need to jog your memory, these apps will act as quick references for everything CSS and HTML have to offer.


This source code editor uses syntax highlighting for a ton of languages. From C, C++, Java, C#, HTML, JavaScript, Python, and SQL, this versatile app is an absolute must have for developers. It’s free and has several features (color themes, search and replace, auto and block indentation, etc.) but you may want to shell out the $1.69 for the Pro version, which is packed with even more goodies to support your coding endeavors.

C# To Go

One of the top 10 most popular languages among developers, C# is a great tool for any developer to learn. Whether you are new to the language or already a pro, this C# compiler will be just right for your Android device. With debugging and syntax testing abilities, this reliable (and free) app is one of the best to have for C# developers.


AIDE is the ultimate mobile coding app for Android users. It allows you to program your own Android applications directly from your Android device, essentially eliminating the need for mobile Android developers to own a computer at all. It is fully compatible with Eclipse projects and its Dropbox capabilities allow you to store projects without gobbling up your phone’s memory. This free app is the best friend of any on-the-go Android developer.

by Kevin Withers

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