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LinkedIn is undoubtedly the number one online resource for job seekers. Almost every company in every industry has some type of presence on the social media site, and it remains a terrific resource for finding top industry talent. If you want to maximize your online profile and land a job more easily, make sure to follow these tips for the best possible LinkedIn profile.

Choose the right picture

Your picture should not resemble something you would see on Instagram or Facebook. LinkedIn is not the place for inappropriate glimpses into your life. Even a picture of you standing in a bar holding a beer with some friends can be a turn off to employers. Your photo should show that you are open, friendly, and professional. If you are in a creative field, you do have some leeway to do something a bit outside the box (but not too much). Just remember that you are not here to win a photography contest; you are here to sell your services to a company.

Strut your stuff

Your LinkedIn Profile should be a decent extension of your resume. Start by writing a brief but eye-catching introductory statement. This guide is a great place to get started.

From there, beef up your profile by including your relevant skills and any accomplishments you have made in your industry. You can add links to websites you have worked on, created, or contributed content to. If you are short on work experience, add any volunteer work you have done. It is not uncommon for recruiters and hiring managers to consider extensive volunteer work as an alternative to work experience.

Get Involved

One of LinkedIn’s best features is the group/company discussion threads. You can seek out groups and companies to follow and join their industry discussions. Being a top contributor to a group is a quick way to get you noticed by and connected to thousands of professionals in your industry. Just avoid saying anything controversial or inappropriate and always double check your posts for spelling and grammatical errors.

Update your status regularly, and not with what you had for dinner. LinkedIn is not a social networking site where your personal exploits should be shared. Keep your posts relevant to your job search efforts and your particular industry.

Write recommendations

To reimagine an old statement: you have to give recommendations to get them. Your coworkers are much more likely to write a recommendation for you if you write on for them first. Just don’t forget to return the favor if someone takes initiative and beats you to the punch.

Use strong keywords

SEO isn’t just for the advertising industry. Your LinkedIn profile and resume should be chock full of strong action words that will showcase your skills and accomplishments as well as make your resume/profile easier to find.

Here is an excellent list of words to include in your LinkedIn profile and resume, although I would recommend that you skip “commandeer”. You don’t want to make it seem like you swiped a project away from someone else in your office.

Leave a way to contact you

Make sure to have your email visible so contacts and companies can easily get ahold of you. Use a professional looking address (such as your name @yahoo, gmail, etc.) Do not use your personal email address if it is something not suitable for work.

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of nan palmero via Flickr

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