The Best Mobile Apps for System Administrators

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System Administrators are integral to the vitality of tech companies. Not only do they have the grave responsibility of maintaining vital systems and networks but the job can often have them on the go. Check out these awesome mobile apps designed especially for the everyday system admin needs.

Linux Command Reference (and +)

Working with Linux systems? This is a simple and free app that features a comprehensive Linux command-line reference guide. Everything is easy to use and divided into easily referenced categories. From file commands, permissions, installation, network, and SSH, the list of categories has most of what you need to work within Linux systems. If you are beyond the beginner level and looking for something with a bit more depth, you can spring the $0.99 for Linux Command Reference +, which features an even greater list (over 1200 pages) of commands to meet any of your administrative needs.

MySQL Mobile Database Client

First off, this app does come with a hefty $7.99 price tag, but you will be hard pressed to find a better mobile application to fulfill all of your MySQL database demands. With this app, you can directly connect to any MySQL database you manage, allowing you to browse, search, and update data right from your iOS device. If you are a systems admin who is constantly on the go, this could be the app that changes the way you interact with the data you manage. You can run queries, generate charts, build reports, and even export data, mail, and CSV files. With a built in secure link access and the ability to save changes during offline mode, this is the end-all apps for SQL DB admins.

Get Console

Get Console is an absolute must have app for the serious network admin. Providing you with serial, SSH, and telnet connectivity to your infrastructure equipment wherever you are, this app is the perfect on-the-go tool for when that pesky router starts acting up. Instead of lugging around a laptop, all you need is your mobile and a console cable and you are good to go.

VMware vShpere Client

Wish you could manage and monitor the performance of vShpere hosts and virtual machines right from your iPad? Now you can with this companion interface. This apps has the power to start, stop, suspend, and view/restore the snapshots of all your virtual machines. If something goes wrong in the field, just flip the apps into maintenance mode and troubleshoot using built-in ping and traceroute tools to end the issues with haste.

IT Tools

IT Tools is a remarkable little app that contains all the rudimentary troubleshooting equipment that network admins need in the field. From ping to traceroutes, DNS queries, network scanning, viewing route/ARP tables, checking interface statistics, and a WiFi scanner, this little bugger has it all. It is the perfect pocket companion for any and all of your mobile troubleshooting needs.

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of denebinside via Flickr