Creating the Best Work Environment for Employees

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Creating a better work environment is essential to having a productive office. It is also the key to bringing in and retaining the top talent in your industry. If you want to avoid the high costs of reduced productivity and replacing lost employees, follow these tips to make your office a place where employees will want to be.


Letting employees open up to you is the best thing you can do to make them feel more comfortable in their work environment. Schedule a meeting at least once a week for the sole purpose of allowing employees to voice their opinions on a variety of matters. Open up the floor to anyone who wants to talk about the direction of the department, current projects, etc. Employees who feel that their voices are being heard are far more likely to be happy at work than those who feel closed off from management.

Tailor the office to them

The idea is not to have an office environment in which employees must adapt to, but instead to create an office environment based on the personalities of your employees. Everyone is different; some people work better in silence while others like being surrounded by their coworkers throughout the day. Everything down to the preference of standing or sitting while working is exclusive to each person. Get to know your employees as well as you can so you can create a fully customizable office environment that caters to their best interests.

Spend time together outside of work

If a team maintains relationships outside of work they are often more productive on the clock. Creating a cohesive team environment where everyone is comfortable with one another will create synergy that is hard to break. Plan events outside of work (dinners, happy hours, BBQs, etc.) that allow your team to get together and talk about something other than work for a change. Doing so will allow them to feel more like a family.

Quantify results

Nothing is worse than working all day and never seeing the fruits of your labor. You don’t have to go around constantly praising your employees to keep them happy, but finding ways to quantify the results of their work will provide motivation for them to keep going. Let your employees see their worth by showing them that what they do matters. Show them the results, set new goals, and celebrate each time the team achieves them. Don’t let employees only hear from you when something goes wrong.


No matter what you do or how great your office environment is, eventually some of your employees will leave. Sometimes life takes people elsewhere and there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening. What you can do is welcome your new employees to the office, find out what makes them happy, and make it the best place for them to work.

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of sunlightfoundation via Flickr