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top tech cities

With IT jobs open in cities all across the country, it can be hard to decide where you want to settle down and start/move your tech career. There is a never-ending battle that occurs in our minds between living in our ideal city and going where the jobs are. Both are important and only add to the overwhelming list of other factors (family, cost of living, weather, etc.) that run through our minds. So how is one to decide?

Assuming that you need a job first (or are at least searching for something new), check out this list of growing/booming cities that could be the right place to take your career in tech.

(Note: This list is in no particular order)

1. Raleigh/Durham, NC

This rapidly growing city has opened the floodgates, allowing tech startups and small companies to set up their operations. Recent job surveys show that 15% of CIOs are planning on expanding their teams, and 65% of companies are hiring or will be looking for new tech hires in the near future. Particular skills that are in demand here are Java, .NET, business intelligence analysis, and data warehousing. This low-cost area is great for people who like a slower paced city lifestyle.

2. San Jose/San Francisco, CA

It’s no surprise that Silicon Valley, the Hollywood of the tech industry, ranks #1 on CIO’s highest average tech salaries list (with the average IT worker earning $118,000). Geniuses, entrepreneurs, and developers of all kinds flock here to work with tech titans and ambitious startups. With over 200,000 tech jobs currently available, these two cities remain a hotbed for tech professionals that possess any set of skills to take their career. It also doesn’t hurt that San Francisco is consistently rated as one of the friendliest and most beautiful US cities to reside.

3. Seattle, WA

The home to giant tech-oriented companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon, Seattle has quickly become a hub of IT and STEM employment. CIO ranks it ranks it as #1 in job growth with 127,000 positions open (and quickly rising). If you can handle the rain, love coffee and music, and are happy with an average salary of $96,000 a year, then pack your bags and head for the Pacific Northwest.

4. Houston, TX

A hidden gem in the tech world, Houston doesn’t rank particularly high on many tech rankings or lists. But the 4th largest city in the US has a monstrous presence in the energy industry, which opens up a large demand for tech professionals. Every energy and shipping company has an IT department in charge of maintaining company websites and network systems, opening up opportunities for talented web developers and network/systems engineers.

5. New York, NY

The Big Apple boasts a monstrous 300,000+ jobs in the tech field and is home to over 8 million people of all backgrounds, professions, and cultures. It is also one of the highest paid cities for IT professionals in the country. Although these high salaries may be offset by the expensive cost of living, residents are rewarded with unlimited choices of food, entertainment, and lifestyles. There is something for everyone here, so long as city life is something you desire.

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of Dougtone via Flickr