Don’t Freeze Your Holiday Hiring

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holiday hiring for employers

Is your company hiring this holiday season? If not, you may be missing out. Skipping out on the holiday hiring season may seem like the easy road to take to the new year, but you should be asking yourself if your competition is doing the same.

The answer is surely no.

The facts about holiday hiring trends

IT hiring set to outpace every other industry this December and well into next year. Tech companies, along with others from a variety of industries, will still be hiring over the course of the holidays.

According to CareerBuilder’s annual survey of employers, 18% of IT companies plan to bring on seasonal staff, and 49% of the companies hiring seasonal helpers for the holidays plan to transition them into full-time staff after the first of the year.

Job seekers see these numbers thrown around all across the Internet, and you can be sure that they will not be letting up on their job searches throughout the holidays. If companies like yours open doors for them, they will gladly walk through them.

Don’t miss out on the talent

Taking a holiday from hiring in December is eliminating a full month where you could be reaching out to the best your industry has to offer. More so, you are clearing the way for your competition to swoop in and nab the most highly skilled tech workers off the market while you are drinking eggnog and kicking your feet up onto your desk.

Sure, you have end of year budgets to complete, projects to finish, and the desire to relax with family and friends, but taking a break from hiring for the duration of the holidays will only set you back. Use this time to establish contact with the talent that is still looking for a company like yours to bring them aboard. Conduct preliminary interviews and get a jump on the new year.

You don’t have to shift your hiring methods into overdrive, but don’t let up on the gas either. Why start over in January when you can have someone ready to hit the ground running long before the new year kicks off?

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of Streetpixels via Flickr