Job Search Myth: No One Hires During the Holidays!

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It’s surprising how some job search myths continue to survive year after year. In spite of regular debunking, they perpetually crop up to lead job seekers astray and delay them from finally acquiring that satisfying new job.

One myth that regularly rears its holly-wreathed head long before December arrives is the myth that continuing a job search during the holidays is a waste of time. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Myth: Your Holiday Job Search is a Waste of Time

This job search myth suggests that most employers and hiring managers are too occupied with a hundred other obligations or diversions to dedicate the time necessary to hire new talent. There are end of year projects that require their full attention and preparations that need to be made to face the challenges of the new calendar year.

There are also vacation days to use up while visiting family and a host of holiday parties to attend – really, would you rather read through endless piles of untapered resumes or enjoy the merry spirit of the season with your friends or family?

These excuses aren’t illogical either. Really, they’re all plausible rationale for why continuing your job search during the holidays might be an imprudent waste of time. But this strain of logic fails to take certain factors into consideration.

Reality: Hiring Remains Steady

Just because there are greater responsibilities during the holiday season doesn’t mean the need to hire new employees winds down. In fact, there are many companies that add seasonal or permanent employees during the month of December to overcome the many projects in need of completion on their agenda.

Job seekers who continue a holiday job search convey to companies that they remain dedicated to their craft all year round and are eager to do whatever is necessary to improve their careers.

On the other hand, some companies do slow down during the holiday season but they use that time to onboard new talent and allow for a smooth transition once business picks up in January.

Giving an employee the time to acclimate to a new environment, new work culture, and a new set of obligations is never a bad idea – hiring in December affords that advantage.

In either scenario, a job seeker who continues a holiday job search is far better off than one who decides to go on a December application hiatus.

So, don’t wait until the New Year to restart your pursuit of a new position. Continue your job search through the holidays and you’ll see far better results.

by James Walsh

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