Tech Trends: What’s in Store for 2014?

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2013 brought about plenty of change in the tech industry. New social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram saw massive success, and old timers like Facebook broke new ground by going public. Tablets and smartphones became the new norms when it comes to surfing the web, and PC companies saw record plunges in the sales of their desktop and laptop computers, forcing them to change their ways or falter.

Now that the rampant madness of the holiday season has begun to subside, we can look ahead to next year and make a few predictions for the tech industry. Here is what 2014 is likely to bring us.

The PC will fall into a greater decline

It’s no surprise that PC sales fell so greatly during 2013, as the use of tablet computing and smartphone technology exponentially increased since 2012. Although old school techies may not like it, the likely outcome of 2014 will be the inevitable death of traditional computers (at least in the sense of everyday activities). It is only a matter of time before desktops are being sold only to industry professionals and avid gamers (the only people will need the extra computing power).

E-commerce could reign over brick and mortar stores

Mobile app developers are very aware of the lucrative e-commerce industry and have set out to provide companies with more ways to shop using tablets and smartphones. Brick and mortar stores may have had it rough this year, but online retailers like Amazon saw massive sales despite the lackluster economic recovery. The struggles of UPS and FedEx to deliver every holiday package on time is a further testament to the power behind e-commerce.

Gaming consoles will not die

Although consumers are dropping their PCs for mobile computing technology, it is not likely that we will see the fall of traditional gaming consoles. Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have already sold millions – Amazon reported that customers were purchasing more than 1,000 units per minute at the peak of shopping. Even Nintendo has seen huge success with its 3DS models despite the rise of smartphone gaming.

Privacy will be decided

The leaks brought about by Edward Snowden in regards to NSA spying tactics could possibly be the tech news of the year. Even now, companies like Google are taking on big government to try and shield the massive amounts of data that they collect on customers and users. It won’t be long before federal judges begin to pick up these cases, and it is likely that it will reach the Supreme Court in the near future.

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of marsmet547 via Flickr