Before You Quit Your Job, Read This…

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I Quit

Are you one of the thousands who use January and its promise of new starts and hopeful resolutions as a reason to start browsing the job boards?

At Ashley Ellis, we typically see a 30% spike in website traffic compared to other months, from people who are rethinking their current career choices.

If your goal for the New Year is to quit your current job and find a better one, you should keep the following points in mind.

1. Do you really want to quit your job?

Let’s be honest: It takes guts to jump into the job search. From battling interview nerves to saying those two definitive words (I quit) to your current boss, confidence is a must-have. Before you quickly list your New Year’s Resolutions to include a new job, think about your reasons behind it, and stick to your conclusion. It’s going to take work to succeed. If you jump into the job search and then change your mind, you may end up even unhappier than before you started if you quit your current job.

2. Understand that the odds are not in your favor

January is almost always an employer’s market. The talent pool is saturated this time of year from people who are making the same resolutions as you: find a new and better job before you quit your current job. There’s a lot of competition out there. Once again, it’ll take work. Consider your options. Either find out a way to make yourself stand out from the masses, or be patient with your job search, and accept that it probably won’t be a fast process.

3. Don’t accept any old job offer

If you succeed in standing out from the masses and obtain that highly coveted job offer, think before you say yes. If you’re saying yes to a job for the simple reason that it’s not your old job, you may not be making the best decision. Is this job really what you’re looking for? Does it offer new challenges and room for growth? Is the company a good fit for your personality and career goals? The last thing you want to do is accept a job that will lead you to quit in a matter of weeks or months. Make sure you’re saying yes for the right reasons.

4. Beware of counteroffers

For employers who are hiring, the saturated talent pool is a godsend; but for employers who are focused on retention, January can be a rough month. If they’re losing people to the New Year’s job search rush, then they’ll be more likely to present counteroffers to people who are set on quitting, just to prevent growing numbers of empty desks. A counteroffer may look attractive at first, but understand that you’ve potentially betrayed your employer’s trust by job searching in the first place; their counteroffer is a short term fix, but by taking it, you put yourself at risk for the long run.

5. Consider turning to a recruiter

If you have a strong list of reasons to leave your job, a recruiter can help you make it happen. Working with a recruiter can help you stand out from the masses. Plus, a recruiter can help you break free from the undertow of saturated talent pools to get the attention of employers directly. And when an all too tempting counteroffer is placed right under your nose, a recruiter can give a dose of reality to keep you on the right track. So, give one of our recruiters a call today and start your January job search in the right way. When you’re finally ready, you’ll confidently be able to quit your current job.

by Clare Saumell

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