How to Avoid Job Hoppers During the January Hiring Season

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job hoppers january hiring season

The January hiring season is notorious among HR employees and recruiters as being one of the busiest times of the year. New budgets have opened up roster spots on many company teams, and countless workers will be dead set on landing those positions. While there are many talented candidates up for grabs, the risk for employers lies in the time and money spent leafing through inboxes full of resumes, setting up interviews, and training new employees who may not work out in the end.

Not every job seeker is actually willing to leave their current job, and many others have the job life of the common house fly. If you want avoid onboarding any short-sighted job hoppers this January hiring season, consider employing the following tactics during your hiring process.

Learn to spot the massed produced resume

Not all resumes are created equal, and that is generally a good thing. Candidates who take the time to tailor their resume to each particular employer are more likely to be serious about their job hunt. Candidates who spam copies of the same resume out to multiple companies are likely looking for anything other than what they have now. Hone in on candidates who explicitly highlight your company’s goals in their resumes and explain how they will help you to achieve them.

Keep an eye on employment dates

The January hiring season will bring on a ton of people seeking new jobs just for the sake of change in the New Year. Make sure to take note of the start and end dates of the candidate’s employment history to spot the people who don’t spend more than a year at any employer.

Use your HR department

Scheduling interviews costs you time and money. So put your HR reps to good use by having them call to screen candidates during a preliminary interview. Doing so will help you weed out the less serious job seekers before bringing them in for an actual interview.

Ask past and future questions

Once you get to the interview process, make sure to ask questions that pertain to the candidates past and present jobs. Asking questions like, “Why are you looking to leave your current employer?” will help you to gauge whether or not the candidate is serious about obtaining a new job.

Utilize recruiters

The January hiring season can be a rough way to start out the New Year. If you are looking to ease the process, recruiters have stockpiles of qualified candidates that possess skills in multiple disciplines, allowing you to easily find the right candidate for any job.

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By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of iShot71 via Flickr