The Cost of an Empty Chair

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Empty Chair

Very few organizations realize the true cost of an empty chair. A job vacancy can affect team morale, company objectives, and the bottom line. If prolonged by unsuccessful hiring, having an empty chair can affect your company in a few detrimental ways.


An empty chair can drastically affect the morale of a team. A strong employee can handle 40 hours of solid work in a given week and now, without that employee, those 40 hours have to be spread out among the team. This extra workload created by a job vacancy has the potential to leave employees feeling exhausted as they start to get days, weeks, or even months behind.

Even the most dedicated team can burn out under these conditions, tanking any morale you’ve previously built up. Your employees may start to question the current state of affairs. There’s even a risk of high turnover, creating more empty chairs and a violent cycle with little end in sight.


Let’s assume you have a two to three step hiring process. That’s going to require hours spent advertising on job boards, reviewing resumes, checking references, and setting up meetings before you even meet and interview candidates in person to fill your job vacancy.

Let’s also assume that each interview runs about an hour in length. How many people do you imagine you will need to interview before you find the right professional for the job? All of those factors are going to require that you spend time focusing on hiring, taking you away from tasks that directly produce profits.

Lost Profit

A few years ago, I encountered two different manufacturers, each in search of a project manager. Both CEOs chose to employ a staffing agency for their search. One CEO chose a bargain bin organization and the employee search was drawn out over the course of three months. The other CEO chose a higher end firm and the employee search was completed within a month. By investing a bit more, the second CEO found a PM quickly and got down to the business of generating new revenue and acquiring huge clients for the company.

When you take into account all the detracting factors that an empty chairs causes, you can’t afford to let that position linger open. A quick and strategic solution for your job vacancy will save you time, money, and morale in the long run. Ashley Ellis can help you achieve all of that in a flash; it’s what we do best. Give us a call or contact us today to start filling up your office (and chairs) with people who will make a difference.

by Ana Malecki, Branch Manager of Ashley Ellis Houston

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