Not Getting Promoted? You May be Doing One of These 5 Things

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Getting passed over for a promotion can be a frustrating experience. Getting passed over for a promotion multiple times can make you want to crash a board meeting and demand to know why. But before you throw the gauntlet down on your boss’s desk, take a moment to look inward. You may find that you aren’t getting promoted because one of the following reasons:

You haven’t told your boss/bosses you want to be promoted

Having to ask for a promotion may sound rather demoralizing, but you can’t always sit idly and wait for success to come to you. In fact, the head of your department may be passing you over for a promotion because he or she doesn’t know that you actually want the position.

While upper management usually looks for hard skills when considering people for a promotion, they also want to give it to someone who wants the job. This doesn’t mean that you have to grovel at your boss’s feet like Oliver Twist asking for more, but you should make it known that you are interested in advancing with the company.

You haven’t been prepared to sell yourself

Promotions are exactly like job interviews – so much so that many companies hold internal interviews for management positions. If you aren’t prepared to show your worth to the company, then you aren’t going to be viewed as a viable candidate for promotion.

Just like the interview that got you the job, you have to be prepared to create an attractive sales pitch that will make the company want to give you the job. Put together a mini report containing your major achievements and show how they have helped the company/department achieve its goals.

You aren’t learning new skills

Companies want to see that you are committed to bettering yourself at every opportunity. If you have done nothing towards improving yourself as a professional, then your company is likely not taking your professional growth seriously.

Make sure you are taking full advantage of any educational or training programs that your company offers. If they do not offer any, then take it upon yourself to learn a new skill, cross-train yourself in a different department, or shadow your superior to learn what it takes to be a leader.

You aren’t taking risks

You can be the most diligent worker in the world, but your impassiveness is likely barring you from getting a promotion. If you are several years deep with a company and you are still doing the same tasks as you were on day one, then you may be getting passed over because of your lack of aspiration.

When was the last time you volunteered to lead or even take on a new project? Have you ever asked for more work? How can your company trust you to take on more responsibility if you have shown no ability or willingness to do so?

Your heart really isn’t in your job

If you find that you really aren’t invested in the future of the company, it is probably showing in the quality of your work. If you have reached this point in your career, then it may be time to change gears and seek out a job.

If you find that you are at a dead end with your company and are constantly being passed over for a promotion, contact one of our recruiters to find a new job that suits your short and long term career goals.

By Kevin Withers

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