8 Employee Benefits That Are Worth More Than Money

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Employee Benefits

What matters most to IT professionals? Responses may vary but twenty-five percent of the workforce feels they’re not getting the employee benefits they want. According to a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder and Sologig.com, one in four full-time IT professionals intends to leave for a new position during 2014. Will your company snag a few new staff members or lose IT talent in the shuffle?

The answers lies in whether a company provides the 8 job benefits employees value most. And it’s not necessarily more money.

Job stability: Of those surveyed, 69 percent reported that job stability was more important than a large salary. Companies that can’t convey a sense of longevity to applicants will always have a difficult time attracting them. No one wants to join a company that will have bottomed up in a few years.

Location: 64 percent of those surveyed say that close proximity to their home outranks salary concerns. Money and time spent on a work commute often feel wasted. If a company isn’t physically close to where a candidate lives, transportation assistance benefits can often entice him or her to accept an offer.

Work culture: 60 percent of those surveyed felt that a good work culture was more important than a larger salary. Good work cultures bring out the best in candidates – happy employees are more creative, productive, committed, and collaborative – and a company that shows of its electric work culture is guaranteed to attract better candidates.

Benefit plans: When asked, 57 percent of those surveyed said that a high salary is less important than affordable benefits plans. Medical bills are almost always an unforeseen expenditure and if company insurance fails to deliver, it hurts all the more. Candidates want to feel secure during those vulnerable times and forego higher salaries for that peace of mind.

Growth opportunities: No one wants to feel stuck in a rut. 40 percent of those surveyed said that a clear growth track far outweighs a higher initial compensation. Growth opportunities promise increased pay in the future and greater responsibilities.

Ability to telecommute: 40 percent of IT professionals (compared to 19 percent of workers in all occupations) would take a position with telecommuting options over a higher salary.  The American Telecommuting Association says telecommuting helps productivity rise by 10 to 15 percent with a reduction in employee burnout.

Flexible schedules: About 40 percent of IT pros surveyed say they’d take a position with a flexible work schedule to one with a higher salary. A little wiggle room makes candidates feel valued. Flexible schedule options acknowledge that the outside obligations of each employee is different.

Learning opportunities: It’s probably not surprising that 40 percent of those surveyed would take learning opportunities on the job over an immediately increased salary. Education opportunities promise new challenges, increased marketability, and a chance for more money in the future.

by James Walsh

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