Apple Brings Exciting Prospects to Phoenix Economy

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Phoenix Arizona

Last year, the Phoenix metropolitan area scored a major win. Apple agreed to open a 1.3 million sq. ft. facility in Mesa, AZ. The victory came after a long courtship and perfectly filled the vacuum left by solar-panel manufacturer Fist Solar Inc. as it abandoned plans to open a factory on the same land. Now, the forthcoming plant and other exciting developments allude to improving fortunes for the Phoenix economy and regional job opportunities.

Additional Hiring from Apple

The opening of Apple’s sprawling factory, which will produce a stronger glass known as synthetic sapphire for their gadgets, promises to create at least 2,000 job opportunities – 700 will be full-time positions and 1,300 will be temporary construction jobs as the plant is finalized. Additional full-time and temporary positions can arise organically once production lines are in full swing.

Though the increase of these 2,000 jobs won’t completely cure the hit to the Phoenix economy caused by the beginning of the 2007 housing market crash, it may be the first domino knocked down in a long and fruitful chain.

The Promise of More Big Business

Apple’s arrival in Mesa is renewing interest in the Phoenix metropolitan area as a technological hub. An area known by some as the Silicon Desert could easily become a Silicon Oasis. There are already a string of inquiries coming in to the Mesa planning office for the plots of land fanning out around the soon-to-open Apple plant. And as more utility infrastructure is deployed, the allure of rubbing elbows with Apple may go a long way for the Phoenix business registry.

Increase in Small Business Hiring

On another front, Arizona led the national pack in small business hiring. Intuit’s Small Business Index for January indicated that Arizona rose by .14 percent, a head above the national average of .04 percent. Inclement weather spanning half of the nation affected this number much like it did all other hiring statistics. Even though Phoenix remained relatively dry, the regional supply chain still took a hit. That means the numbers for small business hiring can spring back as the weather improves.

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by James Walsh

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