Are Your Career Choices Holding You Back?

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career choices holding you back

Most people now and again feel as if they have reached a plateau in their career. It seems like there is no chance at advancing in their career, and everything about their professional life feels stagnant. If you feel like you have reached this point, it’s definitely time for you to shake up your career. These tips can help you reach new heights in your professional development.

Make a plan

Where do you want to be in six months? A Year? Five Years? Ask yourself these questions, set your career goals, and actively pursue them through everything you do. Are you interested in management? Do you want to change careers? Start a company? Devise a plan, and stick to it.

Learn new skills

You may have mastered one or more of the skills that are relevant to your job title, but could you work across departments if you need to? One of the best ways to avoid hitting career plateaus is to commit yourself to being a life learner. Once you have mastered a skill, move on to the next. Become a versatile and more attractive professional by increasing your skills at every opportunity.

Continue to network

Networking is not only for the active job seeker. Lots of jobs are obtained through connections. Just because you already have a job doesn’t mean that you can’t meet new people or stay in touch with old contacts. You never know who could open you up to new career possibilities.

Challenge yourself

Are the same old projects coming across your desk every day? It’s probably because you aren’t seeking more responsibilities. Taking on new challenges may be risky, but the rewards are great. Ask for projects that take you outside of your comfort zone. Your new accomplishments could make a case for advancement in your company. Also, you would be surprised at how many people fail to get promotions/raises simply because they do not ask for them.

Embrace change

Not all skills are timeless, and workplace practices come and go as the years fly by. Failing to embrace change will cause your skills, qualifications, and methods to rust. Keep up with the latest innovations in your industry to avoid becoming obsolete.

Recognize dead ends

Sometimes you just have to see your current job for what it is: a bad investment. You could give years to a company and never see the fruits of your labor – possibly because the juice was never worth the squeeze.

If you feel that your current job is causing your career to stagnate rather than grow, it may be time for a new venture. Our recruiters are constantly on the prowl for the best jobs your industry can offer, and they are relentless when it comes to getting people like you on the right track to a promising career. Contact them today.

By Kevin Withers

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