70% of Employees Are Not Engaged. Here’s the Effortless Fix.

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Disengaged employees and low productivity cost the US about $550 billion, according to a Gallup poll taken in 2013. The study also revealed that an astounding 70% of employees are not fully engaged in the work that they do. These results are likely concerning to anyone who runs or manages a business, as low productivity could be affecting their bottom line.

Not everyone has the time to dive into a deep study of how to make their employees more productive, creative, or even happy. But you don’t have to bring in consultants and interior designers to make your office a more productive place. The numbers shows that these simple adjustments can make a big difference in employee productivity.

Morning Meetings

The best way to gather what employees want and need: ask them. Morning meetings (at least a few times a week) will make employees feel more engaged in the company. It will also give them an opportunity to share their ideas and to develop new ones. Nothing will get an employees’ mind moving faster than bouncing ideas around the room.

Potted Plants

Strange as it may sound, potted plants are actually proven to increase employee productivity and creativity by up to 40 percent. While you don’t have to turn your office into a jungle, a few sprigs of life strewn throughout the office can go a long way. Plus, they can turn a generic office into a more vibrant, welcoming place.

Restrict, Challenge, and Inspire

Restriction is probably one of the last words you expect to hear come up in a conversation about boosting productivity, but encouraging a person to think outside of the box can bring positive changes in their work effort.

In 1960, Dr. Seuss made a bet with the co-founder of Random House that he could write an entire children’s book using no more than 50 distinct words – the result was Green Eggs and Ham. You never know what a person is capable of accomplishing when they approach a problem from a fresh angle. So challenge your employees and watch their creativity flourish.


Gamification is all the rage right now, and the results are causing more and more employers to implement it into their workplaces. The results of incentive programs are already known throughout the business world, but that merely encourages harder working employees. If you want to increase the productivity and creativity of employees, turn their work into a game and watch them engage in healthy bouts of competition.

While we are on the topic of games, turning your break room (or any common area) into a fun place where employees can take breaks and play games is a proven way to increase their happiness and productivity.

All it takes is a few minor tweaks here and there and you will see your employees working harder than ever.

By Kevin Withers

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