A Hiring Manager’s Guide to Technical Jargon

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Technical Jargon

Technical jargon can be a confusing to anyone unfamiliar with IT. The industry evolves and reinvents itself so quickly that sometimes jargon is still raw to veteran techies. And if you’re a hiring manager without exposure to the vernacular of the IT world, you may already have a headache thinking about upcoming technical interviews.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Though the technical jargon of the industry can be dynamic and complex, there are great resources to keep non-technical people in the know.

Online IT Courses

Consider an online crash course in a technical discipline to help make technical jargon less muddled. There are plenty of great and free resources that industry professionals have put together. Some of the more notable names are:

Code Academy – This website offers a fun and hands-on way to learn how to code. So, if you’re interviewing people for developer positions, Code Academy can give you an introduction on how HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages work.

Coursera – If you have the time and are looking to immerse yourself in the depths of technical processes, try Corusera. All of these online courses are free though they run for different time lengths and have unique requirements. You’re not limited to computer science or information technology courses either. There’s a plethora of options for any inquisitive mind.

Web Resources

Tech Advisor – With regular question/answer articles about emerging technology, Tech Advisor can be a good resource for those trying to decode technical jargon before interviewing IT candidates. In their recent Tech Jargon Buster, it ran the range of common consumer tech terminology to more sophisticated network administration verbiage.

TechTerms.com – Want to test out your knowledge of technical jargon? Each day, Tech Terms posts new questions and terms that can expose you to broad and niche technical terminology. Plus, it has a directory of diverse info tech jargon that spans disciplines and can help give you a perfunctory understanding of complex terms.

Print Resources

Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter – This handy book written by Obi Ogbanufe, a versatile IT professional and technical recruiter, provides a strong introduction to the prevailing principles and technologies. Since technology is always moving in new directions, there are certain technologies you won’t find mentioned inside but this book is still a great way to immerse yourself in technical jargon.

Talk to a Recruiter

They know the ins and outs of technical jargon and can help you navigate new hiring territory. Plus, they have access to scores of technical talent that may be under your radar otherwise. Give one of our offices a call today and get things started.

by James Walsh