Top 10 Fastest Growing Tech Jobs in Los Angeles

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When California and the tech sector are used in conjunction, Silicon Valley tends to be the primary area that comes to mind. In fact, when some people take the time to mention the IT industry at all, they tend to pass over Los Angeles completely and go right to San Francisco. It is undoubtedly the main hub of IT technology, but it is not the only California city that has a prominent tech industry.

A shining city among the shadows

If you want to see rapid tech growth on the West Coast, you only need to follow the shoreline south to Los Angeles. Although the sun is usually shining on this coastal city, it has forever loomed in the shadow of the industry titans to the north. But despite being overlooked by many, Los Angeles has its share to tech growth. CIO rated it as one of its “Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs”, and Forbes recently ranked the city number three on its list of “The Highest Paying Cities for Tech Jobs”.

A deeper look into the numbers reveals even more promise for job seekers in the Southern California region. According to CareerBuilder’s statistics, Los Angeles currently has over 26,000 jobs in the tech sector open, and thousands more in cities like Irvine, Orange, and Santa Monica.

Top Job Titles

Developers undoubtedly win due to sheer demand. CareerBuilder’s number show that the top 10 job titles listed in job postings are:

Web Developer

.Net Developer

Java Developer

Web Designer

PHP Developer

Frontend Developer

SharePoint Developer

Senior .Net Developer

Senior Java Developer

Software Developer

Big Money is entering the regions

Since the start of 2014, a wealth of multi-million dollar investments has entered the Southern California region, giving a huge boost to startups and established companies to push the innovation of their products. With these companies taking on bigger and bigger projects, the region could see a big increase in hiring throughout 2014.

By Kevin Withers

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