Where Do We Go From Here? Interview Follow Up Tips

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A proper thank you note and follow up call can make a huge difference in the hiring process. You are more likely to be remembered if you reach out and made contact with the hiring manager post interview. Plus, you will reiterate your interest in the position and give yourself the best chance at getting the job.

The Follow Up Begins During the Interview

Every interview should end with you asking, “Where do we go from here?” Before you even think about writing a thank you note or making a call after the interview, you have to find out the most acceptable way to follow up with the hiring manager. Make it a point to ask what the best way to contact him or her is, and how long before the company makes its decision. Do not forget to get the contact information of anyone you meet.

The Thank You Note

It’s only natural to feel drained after returning home from an interview, but writing a thank you note right away will give you the best possible chance at being a memorable candidate in the hiring manager’s mind.

As soon as you get home, take some time to sit down and write up an email containing the following:

• Gratitude for taking the time to sit down and speak with you
• The major talking points of the interview (anything that stood out in a positive way)
• Your unwavering interest in the company and the position

Make sure to address the email directly to the hiring manager. If you had an interview with several people, send a personalized email to each person.

After you have finished writing the thank you note, set it aside for an hour and take some time to relax and recharge your brain. Then, come back to it with fresh eyes and read it over again before sending it out.

How Long Before You Should Follow Up?

Following up after an interview will solidify your interest in the job. Following up too soon after the interview will ensure that you are branded as a desperate jobseeker. This is where the information you gathered during the interview will come in handy.

First, never call a hiring manager unless you discussed with him or her during the interview. A good way to glean whether or not calling is appropriate is to ask, “Can I call you if I have any questions?”

Second, never call until the allotted time you were given has passed. If you were told the decision would take a week, it is perfectly acceptable to make a call or email on the eighth day.

Write an email to the hiring manager to assert your interest in the position and ask if there was any more information they needed from you. If you are intent on speaking directly with the hiring manager, make the call around 10-11am. This is the prime time to call because they will most likely be in the office.

Dealing with Rejection

Even with a proper thank you note and well-timed follow up call, you are never assured to get the job. If this happens, don’t spend too much time licking your wounds. Instead, get back out there and find your next opportunity.

By Kevin Withers

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