Want your interview success up by 35%? Try pre-recorded video screening

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Video Screening

Hiring is a game of speed chess. The strategy is to move fast and move smart, grabbing up the key players to help beat the competition. Yet right from the start, there are a magnitude of other responsibilities that occupy hiring managers. So, when you have a number of applicants who all look good on paper, how do you quickly isolate prime candidates from the others?  Consider supplementing your hiring repertoire with pre-recorded video screening.

What is pre-recorded video screening?

Pre-recorded video screening combines the speed of a phone screening and the visual cues of a video interview in one package. In recent years, a handful of services have sprung up but the general principle is the same. A hiring manager can post a series of questions (in text and video form), share the link, and then compare the video responses created by each applicant.

The logic behind this service is that hiring managers can better gauge and connect with potential candidates that have a visual presence. When a candidate is simply perceived as a lump of dates, qualifications, and experience on a PDF or word document, it can be hard to single out the stand out candidates. But when a candidate has a chance to answer these pre-recorded screening questions, it’s easier to visualize that person in action.

Does it actually work?

So far, the response is overwhelming positive. Rick Fabrizio, CIO of AmeriGas, told CIO that pre-recorded video screening “lowers costs for HR, it saves times for candidates, and reduces travel time.” Hiring managers can quickly skim through video responses without wasting breath and precious minutes on introductions and repetition of the same phone screening questions. All of the responses can be quickly juxtaposed for greater objectivity and comparison.

A study conducted at the University of Twente in the Netherlands even identified a “reduction in the number [of applications], and an increase in the quality of applications.” Recruiters who were supplemented with video screening also were more insightful and better capable of deciding who should make it to a face-to-face interview.

Furthermore, hiring managers who use resumes alone only have a 25% success rate compared to the 60% success rate when resumes and video screening are paired. That additional 35% can make all the difference between an amazing hire and someone who will be gone in under a year.

Pre-recorded video screening technology is still building up momentum. Like any technology, video screening isn’t a cure-all. It can be a great accoutrement in a hiring manager’s arsenal, but it should be one of many solutions moving the hiring process forward. And with that varied hiring strategy, you can reign at the top of your industry indefinitely.

by James Walsh

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