The February Jobs Report Shows IT Hiring is Thawing

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February jobs report IT

The February Jobs Report is out. For the first time in months, the numbers were greater than those predicted by leading economists. The IT industry was bolstered with fairly strong numbers, a good sign that the IT job seekers are heading towards a lively spring revival.

The Numbers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 175,000 workers were added to non-farm payrolls in February, 162,000 in the private sector alone. These numbers beat out the expected 149,000 that was predicted by economists earlier this week.

Unemployment rose from 6.6% to 6.7%, the BLS said, marking the first time in a few months the number has ticked up. The labor participation rate was unchanged at 63%, so overall the numbers have remained relatively unchanged as we push further into 2014.

What’s the News for the IT Sector?

According to the BLS Report, the IT industry continued to boom by adding a net total of 4,900 jobs to its largest sectors.

After an increase of 1,700 jobs in January, The Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services sector dropped nearly 900 jobs in February. Although this drop is not ideal as a monthly number, the sector is still up 800 jobs from the beginning of the year.

Over 800 Telecommunications jobs were added last month, reviving the sector after it produced lackluster numbers at the start the year. Finally, Computer Systems Design and Related Services continued to prosper by adding a healthy 5,000 jobs, carrying its momentum over from January and bringing its yearly total up to 9,700 jobs added.

IT Begins to Thaw

After the country suffered a brutal winter from coast to coast, Meteorological Spring is finally here. The IT industry may have stumbled in the early winter months, but it seems to be growing at a consistent pace. As we approach the end of Q1 2014, it looks like the IT industry has a lot to look forward to.

By Kevin Withers

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