How to Get the Job Even if You’re Underqualified

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underqualified for a job

Whether you are a first time job seeker or an industry veteran looking for a new job, you have probably run into a job posting showing a position for which you are underqualified.

These days, even “entry level” positions list 2-3 years of experience as one of their requirements.

Even if you are underqualified for the job, you can play your cards right and land an interview.

The requirements may not rule you out

Many times, the requirements listed in a job posting represent the company’s ideal candidate. However, if a company asks for five years of experience, that doesn’t mean your two years – if of sufficient quality – will automatically rule you out.

The way your resume and cover letter sell your skills can greatly make up for your lack of years in a field. In the end, it’s always the quality of your experience – the scope of the projects you have completed – that matters more than how many years you have been in the industry.

Make your own experience

Need to flesh out your resume a bit more? If you still feel that your experience is keeping you from getting a job that you are underqualified for, then create your own.

From starting a website to modifying an existing program, there are plenty of ways for programmers to create their own experience. You don’t need a boss to tell you to do something. You can easily gather valuable industry experience by:

Volunteering – Experience is experience, whether it is paid or not.

Networking – Ask around to see if anyone is looking for, or knows anyone who is looking for, a programmer who can do some quick work for them.

Educating Yourself – Whether or not you have a job, that shouldn’t stop you from learning all that you can. Read up on new technologies, learn from internet tutorials, or take classes to boost your skills.

Contacting a recruiterRecruiters take the time to get to know your strengths and aptitude. If they feel that you can quickly adjust to a position, they can still get your foot in the door for an interview even if you are underqualified for the job.

By Kevin Withers

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