Meet the IT Graduates of 2014

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IT graduates 2014

This year, more than 124,000 students with IT and Computer Science related majors will graduate from US colleges. As the new generation enters the workforce, it becomes important for business owners and hiring managers to understand who these candidates are and how to rein in the most talented among them.

A Clash of Generations

It’s not unusual for different generations to misunderstand one another. Being born years apart can create a culture of mistrust and miscommunication. Unlike the hiring managers at many companies, this year’s college graduates were born as late as 1993.

That’s the year Bill Clinton took office and Schindler’s List brought home the Oscar for best picture.

So what can be expected from the IT class of 2014? Here are a few numbers to break the ice before the floodgates open this June.


The average Computer Science major graduating in 2014 can expect to take home an annual salary of $58,791, according to a study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

In an industry that is filled with talent, employers need to take into account how much IT grads can expect to make in order to make themselves attractive places of employment. While money may not be the top priority for some workers, employment still remains a means of getting a paycheck.

Where are they looking to work?

According to a 2014 Universum survey, graduates this year rank large companies at the top of their ideal places to work. Among the top 10 are:

1) Google
2) Microsoft
3) Apple
4) Amazon
5) Facebook
6) Blizzard Entertainment
7) Sony
8) IBM
9) Walt Disney Company
10) Intel

Odds are you are none of these.

While the prestige factor is high in working for these companies, many graduates realize that the chances of landing a job at these industry titans is low. Only the most talented will be brought onboard, and the rest will be left to seek employment elsewhere.

This is not to say that these candidates are bottom-of-the-barrel, far from it. There will be thousands of 2014 graduates seeking entry level positions that are highly talented and ready to work. So how can you reel them in?

It’s all about the perks compiled a list of the top perks for IT employees in 2014. They ranged from free lunch to tuition reimbursement, gym memberships, and more.

Being an attractive company to work for is more than partnering with big-name clients, it means making your employees want to come to work for you every day of the week. In a business where 70% of employees are disengaged, ensuring that your company meets the expectations of upcoming workers will be essential in bringing them aboard and keeping them for years to come.

By Kevin Withers

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