Questions for Developers to ask During the Interview

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interview questions for developers

The questions you ask at a job interview are just as important as the answers you give. For software and web developers, the questions that you ask can set you apart from the other candidates and provide you with insights that will be useful in deciding which company best suits your skills and career goals.

Besides the usual list of questions that should be asked during a standard interview, here are a few that are specifically tailored to IT positions.

Can you tell me a bit about your software development lifecycle?

No company’s practices are identical. This interview question will not only show that you are immediately ready to jump right in and start coding, it will also give you a taste of how the company operates on a daily basis.

What is your process for selecting and planning new projects?

In other words, how do you prioritize projects and delegate work. Knowing how projects are chosen will reveal how a company allocates value to the work that needs to be done. Plus, it shows that you are engaged in every phase of product development.

What types of testing methodologies do you use?

There are many methods for testing and perfecting code. This question will give you a feel for how the company prepares projects for implementation.

How do developers, QA, engineers, etc. collaborate during the process?

Do you prefer to work closely with other departments or hand your work off and get started on something else. No matter how you choose to go about the development process, make sure that you emphasize your ability to work well with others.

Does the team participate in code reviews? What are they like?

This question gets to the heart of working with the other developers. It will reveal some of the culture of working at the company and give you an idea of whether or not your personality/coding style will be a good fit.

Are there pathways for leadership positions?

Do you strive to be a senior programmer or a project manager? It is always a good sign to hiring manager when the candidate they are interviewing expresses interest in staying with and moving up within the company.

By Kevin Withers

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