4 Signs You Need to Stop Working with a Recruiter

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Working with a  Recruiter

Not every recruiter and job seeker connect like perfect puzzle pieces. Some recruiters, though they have your interests in mind, may not be a good fit. If and when you decide that working with a recruiter is for you, watch for these signs to separate great recruiters from average ones.

The recruiter is vague: If you only know bare bone details going into the interview, how can anyone expect you to succeed? Any successful job search is rooted in how much you know about the company. Great recruiters know that and provide their candidates with an ample supply of information, resources, and tips to coach them through the interview process.

The recruiter tells and doesn’t ask: Working with a recruiter, at its best, is a give and take relationship. A great recruiter doesn’t filibuster through conversation. He or she asks questions and probes deeper to find out what will make your career a happy one.

Most search executives will ask you about your technical skills. That alone doesn’t make for a great recruiter. If your previous work, your accomplishments, your future goals, and your ideal workplace are neglected in your conversations, then you are better off partnering with another search executive.

The recruiter pushes salary: Let’s say you interviewed with a company and it just wasn’t right for you. It could have been the culture, the challenges, or even the lack of growth opportunities, but you didn’t feel the magic. Then, when you recap with the recruiter and relay your impressions, he or she just asks what dollar amount will get you to accept the job. If this happens, take your job search elsewhere.

A great recruiter isn’t going to push you into a job that isn’t right for you. However, expect that person to find out why it isn’t a fit. Sometimes, miscommunication happens in an interview and a great recruiter will reach out to clarify anything. Who wants to pass over an incredible job because of a misconception?

The recruiter has a questionable online reputation: Though an active professional profile doesn’t guarantee a great search executive, it allows you to make an evaluation before you start working with a recruiter. Online research allows you to gauge the reputation of your recruiter and find out whether you’ll have good working chemistry. A job search is a team effort and it’s better to have a compatible partner.

On a final note: If you want to start working with a recruiter who will keep your best interests in mind, reach out to a member of our team. Our highly personable search executives identify what is important to you and provide all the necessary information you need to succeed. Call us today.

by James Walsh

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