Finding Your First Job? Don’t Make These Job Search Mistakes

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first time job search mistakes

Graduating from college opens you up to an exciting, albeit unfamiliar, world. Now, you must embark on the task of finding your first job. There will be ups, downs, and opportunities pushing you in all different directions, but as long as you don’t make any of these first time job search mistakes, you will likely come out on top.

Job Search Mistake #1: You try to be too clever

Finding your first job pits you up against a flood of new graduates who are searching for positions in your field. While it is important to stand out from the crowd, you can go too far in trying to do so.

A common job search mistake that many seekers make is getting too fancy with the design of their resume and cover letter. There are a few tips and tricks for writing a good resume and cover letter, but neither should be treated like an experimental piece of art. Stick to a personalized, yet professional layout.

Job Search Mistake #2: You are in too much of a rush

It is a mistake to treat your job search like a race. The person who gets their resume submitted first is not always the winner. Therefore, avoid spamming out untailored copies of your resume. Always do your research on the company before deciding the best way to present your skills.

And proofread, proofread again, then give it to a friend to proofread once more.

Job Search Mistake #3: You go it alone

If you are conducting your job like a one man wolf pack, you are ringing stacking the odds of getting a job against you. While you can view your industry contacts as competition, it is better to view them as allies. The biggest mistake you can make in your job search is failing to make and maintain professional relationships. 70% of jobs are obtained through networking.

Job Search Mistake #4: Your online persona is a mess

Your resume may say college graduate, but does your online profile say college party animal? It may have been acceptable in college to have your social media profiles reflect your undying love of frivolity, but it’s a serious job search mistake to keep them that way.

You have grown up; it’s time for your social media presence to do the same.

Learn how to create a dynamite LinkedIn profile here.

Job Search Mistake #5: You are swinging for the fences

You don’t have to try and hit a home run by scoring your dream job right away. Sometimes it’s better to win the game by racking up a few singles, doubles, and triples first. Only searching for fulltime jobs can be a grave mistake in your career. Sure, student loans may be creeping up on you, but it may be more valuable in the long run to go for a part time job, internship, or volunteer position.

If finding your first job is proving to be a bit intimidating, contact a recruiter. They can help coach you through the hunt and keep you from making the critical job search mistakes that sink the chances of other candidates.

By Kevin Withers

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