What’s Hot in IT this May?

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May IT

“I predict the Internet will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse,” said Robert Metcalfe, one of the co-inventors of Ethernet technologies in 1995. Needless to say, he missed the mark. However, it leads to a valid point: those looking to stay relevant in the tech sector have to keep their options open by diversify the technologies and techniques that they use and know. So, here’s what to keep your eye on in IT this May.

Languages with the Most Buzz

The TIOBE Index, a report that indicates which technologies are trending in search engines, only saw a few minor swaps for the top 10 searched technology slots. Between April and May, C# and (Visual) Basic exchanged places and Visual Basic.Net was replaced with Perl. Glancing at the year over year, there was a bit more activity.

May 20141.) C 2.) Java 3.) Objective-C 4.) C++ 5.) (Visual) Basic 6.) C# 7.) PHP 8.) Python 9.) JavaScript 10.) Perl
May 20131.) C 2.) Java 3.) C++ 4.) Objective-C 5.) C# 6.) PHP 7.) (Visual) Basic 8.) Python 9.) Perl 10.) Ruby

Once again, the most substantial shift happened just outside the strata of the top 10. Over the course of a year, F# has made a meteoric rise and is now 13th on the TIOBE Index (up from 38th). ActionScript has also made a respectable resurgence. It now ranks 20th, having shot up from 42nd place in just a year’s time.

It’s a surprising development since ActionScript has been marginalized ever since Steve Jobs famously relegated Flash to the junk heap by banning it on Apple devices. Also, Adobe appears to have embraced and bundled HTML5 in their projects. So, only time will tell if this bottle rocket ascent in ActionScript search numbers is going to matter for the U.S. IT market.

Is Apple on a Health Kick?

Seismic IT activity may point to an explosion in biomedical sensor technology.

Over the last year, Apple acquired prominent biotech experts, medical professionals, and hardware experts. Rumors are circulating that the tech giant is planning anything from an iWatch to measure fitness metrics or an entire platform that encapsulates full health and fitness services. Whatever the plan, Tim Cook affirmed that he intends to launch a new product for Apple this year, and all this effort is doubtful be to a red herring.

If you need further incentive to integrate medical healthcare technology into your repertoire, consider the double-digit growth of med-tech firms in China. Medtronic alone has risen from $50 million revenues to $800 million revenues there in just a decade. As one of the largest markets in the world, it is worth keeping your options open with a niche industry that is flourishing in China.

Mobile Continues to Surge Forward

Job security is almost assured for mobile developers. Mobile banking solutions are bringing more jobs to IT professionals across the full spectrum. Investors are dumping millions of dollars in mobile development tools. There are even some companies that are pioneering a whole new position – Chief Mobile Officer. It’s never been a better time to learn Android or iOS related SDKs, platforms, or cross-browser programming languages. So, keep your mobile skills razor sharp.

On a Final Note

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by James Walsh

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