93% of Job Seekers Neglect Networking

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Networking Anywhere

There are some serious misconceptions about networking. Look to the blogosphere and you’ll find about as many varied and narrowed perspectives on the topic as you’ll find grains of sand in the Mojave Desert. But the truth is that where you build your network doesn’t matter; it’s that you’re building your network at all that counts.

Networking Outranks Job Boards by 25 Percent

The numbers don’t lie. A Jobvite study reviewed two different sources in the hiring process – the source of the most applicants and the source of the most new hires – and compared the two. The effects of networking, shown through the volume and success of employee referrals, are massive.

Job boards reap the highest percentage of applicants at a whopping 43 percent. Employee referrals only make up 7 percent of all applicants for a given job. However, look at the source of most new hires and the numbers do a 180: 40 percent of all new hires stem from employee referrals and only 15 percent from job board applications.

Employee Referral Hires

Plus, employees hired through referrals stay longer than those hired through job boards and career sites.

Networking Isn’t What You Think It Is

There is no one right way to network. Anyone who says that face-to-face meetings are too old school or that internet connections are too impersonal to bear fruit is being shortsighted. No one networking technique is a cure-all elixir.

Moreover, what people consider to be the norm for networking (conferences, trade shows, industry lectures, etc.) aren’t the only way to get a job. Want some alternatives? Try networking here:

• Community Service Meetings
• Local Religious Events
• Park District Meetings
• Adult Sports League
• School Events for Your Kids

The list is endless and there are entire career fields that can open up to you if you network in your everyday life. So don’t avoid networking. It can be one of the easiest things you do to get a job where you’ll stay long term.

by James Walsh

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