Why I Love Being a Recruiter

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Zack Cyrus

I’ll be honest. To me, Ashley Ellis was not part of some higher calling.

If you were to ask school age Zack what he wanted to do for a living, you would have been told “I want to be a professional surfer or a fly fishing guide.” Not everyone goes into a job because of some life-long passion, yet that doesn’t mean that passion never comes full circle. Nowadays, I would be hard pressed to imagine loving anything more than my career as an IT Search Executive with Ashley Ellis.

Yet that realization wasn’t instantaneous.

Recruiter Horror Stories

Before starting with Ashley Ellis, I heard all sorts of recruiter horror stories. People would say they didn’t get feedback or they got presented for positions that were incompatible with their skills. Often, the more lamentable recruiters just submitted people and hoped they were close enough.

Sadly, when I worked with recruiters after graduating from college, my own experience failed to contradict those critiques. One recruiter would present me with video editing positions when I had zero video editing experience.

Another time, that recruiter reached out to me about becoming a travelling Avon salesman. I said “What on my resume makes you think that I would want to sell lotions and household supplies door-to-door?” Her answer was, “Well, I saw in high school that you worked at a men’s clothing store.” That’s when I was fifteen!

On reflection, the stark contrast between what Ashley Ellis valued in recruiters and what my own recruiter had done probably had a substantial influence on my decision to join the team.

Finding My Passion

During my interview, I got the impression that the recruiters at Ashley Ellis went one step above and beyond the competition. Their aim was to do more than just find a filler employee or a run-of-the-mill position. The focus was on finding job seekers and employers who were a team fit, a culture fit, and a technical fit. The position seemed interesting enough, so I accepted.

And at first, it was just a job, but soon enough, I had this burgeoning sense of satisfaction as I found the right fit for each person who crossed my path.

My tipping point came after I checked in with an IT professional I had previously placed. Together, we had searched for a compatible position for 6 or 7 months. I presented him to several companies, all of which fit his skills and ideal work culture to one degree or another. Along the way, we fine-tuned his approach to increase his chances of success. Then, we found that eureka opportunity.

It was a position that used every aspect of his hands-on Linux analysis. It was a business in the fabric industry that had the right challenges and cultural vibe. He went through a phone screening, interviewed face-to-face, and had a job offer within two weeks.

After his first week, I got a call from him. He literally said, “This is the best decision I’ve ever made.” He thanked me up and down during the whole conversation. All that gratitude almost gave me chills up my spine.

Shaping the Tech World

Another time, a telecom company in Raleigh reached out to us in search of an IT Engineer with equal parts network and systems experience. We found someone who was an appropriate fit.

He got hired a year and a half ago, and just recently, he got promoted to a manager role. Now, we’re helping him to build his own team in Charlotte. It’s humbling to see that my work shapes the tech industry as I contribute to physical team building.

How many people can say they are working with companies that are changing the industry, that are raising the bar for our societal capabilities? My work makes a difference and I use that to fuel my every action.

So the bottom line is that if you decide to work with a recruiter, work with someone who loves their job because they will make sure that you love yours.

Zack Cyrus is an IT Search Executive in our Raleigh office. He loves making a difference in the lives of job seekers and employers that last for years. You can also find him on LinkedIn.


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  1. Shannon F. says:

    So very well put, thanks for sharing your personal experience!!