The Best Free Apps for Your Mobile Job Search

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Mobile Job Search

Mobile apps have made all the difference for job seekers. Once, you needed uninterrupted time in front of a computer screen to search for jobs and send out applications. Now, you can do so anytime, anywhere (on your lunch, at the grocery store, or even riding the elevator up to your office). Whether you fall into the Android, iOS, or Windows camp, there are plenty of free mobile job search tools at your disposal.

Best Apps to Use for Your Job Search

These days, job boards aren’t the only way to get the scoop on new jobs, yet most of the big boards (CareerBuilder, Indeed, USAJobs, etc.) still provide fruitful results. All of the major brands have their own mobile job search app. However, some have greater functionality than others. The top performers are:

CareerBuilder (Android & iOS) – CareerBuilder’s mobile apps have most of the functionality of the full website. Job seekers can conduct searches using most of the main filters, save searches and jobs for later, and easily upload resumes through Dropbox. Cost: Free.

Indeed (Android & iOS) – Indeed’s mobile app has most of the same functionality and access to its 15 million jobs. It has a rapid-loading search, the ability to easily communicate with your device’s GPS, and the option to import your resume to applications. Though it has fewer filters than the website, the development team is always updating it. Cost: Free.

GetHired (Windows) – Windows phones and tablets may not have the above apps, but they have a close substitute. GetHired is an aggregate app that gathers data from 8 different career sites and places them in an easy-to-navigate interface. However, it’s best used to simply search positions while on the go. It is unable to directly submit your resume.  Cost: Free

Best Apps to Use for Your Resume

One of the main roadblocks in the early days of mobile job searching was that you couldn’t easily upload or create resumes. Now, that’s barely an issue. If you have a Dropbox account, most mainstream tools allow you to upload it. If not, there are a number of mobile tools to help you create a new resume from scratch.

Resume-r (Android) – Resume-r gives you a step-by-step guide to creating professional resumes that are easy to read. The design options are a grade beyond the average plain text layout, so you have a better chance of distinguishing yourself from the competition. Plus, you can rearrange sections, spell check your work, and even export to PDF. Cost: Free.

Quick Resume – Resume Builder and Designer (iOS) – Quick Resume provides users with a no-stress way to create resumes on the fly. The interface is easy to navigate and use on any iOS device. You can complete a few basic level templates without needing to upgrade. Additionally, you can export your final draft to Dropbox or print directly to your connected device. Cost: Free

Best Apps to Use While Networking

Networking should never be limited to business conferences or industry conventions. Strong relationships happen when like-minded folks meet and forge a long-lasting bond. More and more, that first connection can happen through mobile apps.

Meet Up (Android, Windows, & iOS) – MeetUp isn’t strictly a mobile job search app. It’s a platform to help users meet and mingle with new people. Search your local area and find an interest group that is meaningful to you. Subscribe and you’ll be notified with the next meeting’s date, time, and location. It’s a way to make connections outside of the normal channels and increase your reach in unique ways. Plus, it’s just fun. Cost: Free

LinkedIn (Android, iOS, & Windows) – LinkedIn offers its own mobile application which can keep you connected while offering most of the same features. It can provide you with notifications when your page is viewed, when you receive direct messages, and when updates are made in your groups.

Best App to Prepare for Your Interview

Though there still isn’t an app to take the interview in your place, plenty of mobile job search tools can refine your responses. Many can help you train your brain for the standard interview questions and even come up with outside-the-box solutions to trickier issues.

Job Interview Question and Answer (Android & iOS) – This tool offers a few free questions to start including:

  • Tell Me About Yourself
  • Why Do you Want to Join This Company?
  • Why Have You Been Out of Work for So Long?
  • Describe Yourself to Me in One Word
  • What Have You Been Doing Since You Got Laid Off?

The first 5 tutorials are free but, other questions and answers are only available if you upgrade to the full version (which starts at $3.99). At least, you can test drive the app before buying.

On a Final Note:

Alone, no one app will carry your job search. As always, you get as much as you put into each tool. And if you are unleashing your energy into various different tools, there is a much higher chance that the next interview you get will lead to the job you’ve always wanted. 

by James Walsh

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