8 Eye-Opening Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

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Job Interview Questions

If you were to play back your job interview, would it seem drastically one-sided? Almost a third of employers would say that’s a big problem. According to a CareerBuilder study, 32% of hiring managers claimed candidates failed to ask good question.

That means, they either declined to ask questions or asked obvious, easily-answerable questions. If you want to appear astute (and learn a bit too), be sure to ask these 8 eye-opening questions to your interviewer.

1.) “What would former employees say is your company’s best quality?”

This puts a spin on the question “what’s exceptional about your company?” that can elicit some great responses. Some employers stick to what’s on the website. Others will expound upon the challenges, work environment, benefits, and company culture in detail. Regardless, you’ll learn about what the manager thinks is important and what others before you have valued.

2.) “What would you expect out of someone in this position after the first 90 days?”

This interview question has a twofold benefit. One, it indicates that your mental mechanisms are already working to solve problems on the job. Two, it clarifies the expectations facing you in the position. That way, you know exactly what you’ll have to surmount right from the start. Too many new employees wander through their early days without that crucial intel.

3.) “How do you evaluate employee performance?”

A new job brings new expectations. Too often, new employees are dropped into a dense jungle of new challenges and responsibilities without a map or compass. Then, when the performance review comes along, they realize they’ve trekked for miles in the wrong direction. This good interview question gives you the tools to head in the right direction and quickly earn your manager’s respect.

4.) “What does your team do when they win?”

What happens when your team accomplishes something big? Will you all be celebrating your cooperative achievements or will your nose be forced back to the grindstone? The type of response that an interviewer gives will help to shed light on the work atmosphere. And if you don’t like it, you’ll at least know to move onward in your job search.

5.) “What does your team do to overcome obstacles?”

Every team has their own approach to solving problems. Does it fit with your own techniques? As you’re trying to find an office that works for you, it’s important to ensure that you and the team are on the same wavelength.

6.) “What do you enjoy most about working here?”

Will you be working directly with your interviewer? Then this is a good interview question to ask.  It’s a faux pas to dig into the personal life of your interviewer (17% of employers see this mistake regularly made), but this question helps you to learn about the values and work habits of your future supervisor without being invasive.

7.) “What does success look like to your business?”

This interview question is another way to uncover expectations. Plus, it lets you know about the type of big picture projects that you will be frequently working on. Really, it’s a good way to supplement and expound upon all of the preliminary research you have conducted.

8.) “Is there anything that would prevent you from hiring me?”

This question is crucial to ask. Often, an interviewer’s concerns about your responses and work history go unaddressed. Ask this good interview question and you at least have a chance to clarify any miscommunication. That way, you prevent a future manager from having so many things to ruminate over. And that can help you stand out from the competition.

by James Walsh

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