‘Tis the Season (for Hiring, that Is)

November 12th, 2014 | Hiring Resources, Press Releases and Industry News | No Comments »

Holiday Hiring

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Every year, NOV 1st arrives, Halloween decorations are put away and all of the Winter Holiday decorations are swiftly displayed.  The countdown for the big Holiday Season officially begins (and seems to come faster with each passing year, right!?)!

Far too often in my profession, this time of year is when I start to hear a common hiring misconception that goes something like this: “with the holidays upon us, hiring is on hold until the beginning of next year.”

However, it has always been my experience that those who take the opposite, more calculated approach are at a huge advantage to better position themselves against the fierce competition that our market is currently experiencing.

It’s no secret to those who have had to hire recently that the demand for talented technical professionals is at an ALL TIME HIGH, with IT unemployment at a mere average of 2.7%, Q3 2014. Competition is an understatement.

Here are just a few reasons why you should pull the trigger now and reap the rewards of the season:

Expand your candidate pool: First and foremost, many managers have the misconception that it’s okay to “slow things down” (by the way, this time of year has historically been the busiest for my office placing both contractors and FTEs for the past few years!), which makes this an opportune time of year to court and snatch up the best talent while others kick back and relax.

Flexibility/time off: It’s no secret, the holidays are known for vacation time and, in many cases, an overall more “laid back” attitude. Take advantage of candidates’ ability to take time off for interviewing and consider scheduling interviews for those confidential searches you may be contemplating.

Budgets: For those of you who need to utilize any of your remaining budget before calendar year end, (even if allocated elsewhere), why give yourself a reason to fight for it again next year?

Time off (again)/ease of scheduling: If you happen to be one of the luckier ones with a “lighter load” this time of year, take advantage of your availability. That way, you can easily schedule interviews and vet candidates without being pulled in 87 different directions in a given day.

And for those of you that aren’t so lucky at this time of year (RETAIL, anyone?!), don’t succumb to being over-worked and stressed with higher demands while everyone else has their turkey (and eats it too).  Yes, candidates are interviewing and accepting offers at lightning speed, even now (so seize the opportunity!).

Time off/labor shortage (yet again): Yes, the vacation requests have been flying in!!  What a perfect time to hire contract resources to offset any labor shortages and maintain optimal production levels.

So, when January rolls around (it will be here before we know it), and your colleagues/competitors are under the gun and scrambling to get candidates in the door, you are adequately staffed, completing projects on or ahead of schedule, and setting your department up for success. Then, you can contently say “Happy New Year!”

My team and I look forward to working with you!

Happy Holidays!

by Shannon Famosi, Branch Manager of Ashley Ellis Orlando