3 Hot Tech Trends That Will Rule 2015

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Tech Predictions 2015

The information technology sector evolves faster than any other on the planet. Each year brings explosive innovation and 2015 will be no exception. No crystal ball is capable of showing the future. However, there are a few tech trends that businesses need to focus on as they are hiring in 2015.

Languages on the rise

Programming languages get adopted, expand, and eventually fall into disuse. It’s just the nature of the linguistic lifecycle. However, there are a few ways to keep ahead of the trend.

One way to do that is by following the TIOBE Index, which measures trending languages across global search engines. It’s not a perfect metric for what programming languages are in practice at your competition, but it gives a broad sense of which languages are dominating the public sphere of awareness.

The December TIOBE Index list includes old favorites and rising stars:

December 20141.) C 2.) Java 3.) Objective-C 4.) C++ 5.) C#6.) PHP 7.) JavaScript 8.) Python 9.) VB.Net 10.) Perl
December 20131.) C 2.) Java 3.) Objective-C 4.) C++ 5.) C# 6.) PHP 7.) (Visual) Basic 8.) Python 9.) T-SQL 10.) JavaScript

Though the long-lived C programming language still manages to avoid extinction (it’s used in more ways than you’d imagine), the rest give a better sense of what’s trending. The stability of Java and Objective-C in the top spots indicates their durability in the current IT toolbox. Java is used by an estimated 9 million developers.  Objective-C is still the top tool for iOS platforms.

Other languages are on the rise. The rise of the R programming language indicates the vibrancy of statistical analysis in the current market. Swift, true to its name, is gaining greater and greater use after its 2014 debut. In due time, it may even dethrone Objective-C from its prominent spot.

Programmers with any of these skills can help keep your business competitive.

Cyber-security is of the utmost importance.

Hackers, it seems, never sleep. 2014 boasted a number of major hacking events. The Sony Pictures hack, which could cost the media giant $70 to $80 million just from early estimates, is a fresh and painful reminder of the vulnerability of modern businesses.

Lost revenue, major lawsuits, and a tarnished image can plague major businesses if they aren’t careful. Because of that threat, investment in cyber-security is expected to be on the rise.

One clear sign is the jump in stock prices for cyber-security firms. FireEye (FEYE) jumped more than 15% from 12/15 to 12/19 and Proofpoint (PFPT) jumped 8% in the same timeframe. Though the buzz over the Sony hack will die down, the need for cyber-security professionals won’t. Moreover, Kaspersky predicts larger hacker groups will splinter and vary their attacks.

There is a constantly evolving gallery of cyber criminals and malware and businesses will need to restructure and reevaluate their cyber-security techniques to keep confidential data under lock and key.  Microsoft is trying to reshape the cyber-security game. Encryption is also becoming more prevalent.

That means hiring internal teams of cyber-security professionals or contracting reputable firms has never been more than it is now.

The Cloud set to expand further

A few years ago, the cloud was just some intangible concept to most people in the business world. Now, even the consumer market is uploading documents, photos, and other files onto cloud servers. Millions of devices are connected to some cloud platform.

According to InfoWorld, “cloud innovation is where the action is at in enterprise tech.” The efficiency and flexibility that it brings to business operations is unsurpassed by other tools. “Hybrid operations,” says Michael Biddick of Fusion PPT, “provide us with agility, scalability, and economic benefits.” But ultimately, it means nothing if you don’t have people who understand and embrace the technology.

Why many companies will be moving toward a hybrid cloud system over the next year is that it prevents them from being dependent on any one provider. These forward-thinking businesses can take advantages of the pros of each provider and still function when outages or glitches occur.

That’s when hiring in 2015, every team should make a point to find system engineers or system administrators who can tailor those tools to the existing IT infrastructure.

Good talent will be in high demand

As businesses strive to stay competitive, they will be on the hunt for adaptable professionals. Cutting-edge programmers, system engineers, and cyber-security professionals will be at the top of many employers’ wish lists as the New Year starts.

With that demand in mind, any business that wants to stay at the lead of their given field will need to take action. Hiring in 2015 for these cutting-edge positions will assure any team can handle the hurdles of rapidly evolving tech and turn challenges into successes.

by James Walsh

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