The Quickest Way to End Your Job Search

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Working with a Technical Recruiter

If you’re job hunting, much of your schedule (before work, after work, and on lunch) is consumed by your search. Hours feel frittered away as you identify opportunities, research employers, revise resumes, interview, network, and maintain all that a job search entails.

Some days, it probably even feels like you’re juggling porcelain dolls, striving to keep all of these delicate processes up in the air. Sound a little nerve-racking? Then it’s time to accelerate your job search with a technical recruiter.

Streamlining Your Job Search

How many people typically apply to 1 job opening? Though it varies, the average is about 250 applications. That’s 250 people crammed in line looking to get that one open spot inside. It’s no easier getting into a hot night club that’s nearly at capacity. The bouncer will be picky and lots of people are going to be turned away at the door. More often than not, it’s a matter of who gets there first.

Working with a recruiter gets you past all that. With their inside connections, recruiters can move your resume towards the front of the queue. That means the hiring manager will not only read your resume, but they’ll give it more than the average 6 seconds the traditional applicant gets.

Let Their Network Work for You

You can only maintain so many strong relationships at once. That number is roughly 150 people. It’s a principle known as the Dunbar Number and it applies to your professional network as much as it does to aboriginal tribes. People come and go, but that total number remains pretty static. A bit limiting isn’t it? Not if you work with a recruiter.

Your typical technical recruiter has an optimized network. He or she has reached out to hundreds of professionals in a specific discipline, constantly using their connections to find new referrals and learn about new job openings.

Additionally, most are working with a network of other recruiters with equally fine-tuned networks. By connecting with a technical recruiter, you shorten your search through the aid of their network.

A Quick Learning Curve

In most cases, job seekers aren’t given an evaluation of their interview. You got the position or you didn’t. Typically, there isn’t a “room for improvement” section of the rejection letter. That’s a huge disservice to anyone on the job hunt. Often, they need to make the same mistake several times before the shortcoming presents itself.

Technical recruiters strive to keep you in the loop. If you’re a strong candidate, they want to know the reason why an employer wants to pass on you. Technical recruiters do an immediate follow up after your interview to get employer feedback while employers’ impressions are piping hot. That way, you can take corrective action to improve your interviews exponentially.

You Can’t Afford to Move Slow

Your job search needs to move fast. If you’re in a job and you’ve realized you need to move on, it’s only a matter of time before your engagement begins to wane. A quick job search ensures that you move on before your performance slips. Why leave that timeline up to chance? Reach out to a good technical recruiter and get yourself through that velvet, VIP rope in no time.

by James Walsh

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