Career Tips from Leading Ladies in Tech

I think it is safe to say that in the tech space lately there have been some big wins. Among the winners in the tech space are many women. What can we learn from these women? An article, “6 Success Tips From Tech’s Leading Ladies” outlines some of the tips that these “winners” in the tech space have to share with us.  The article is from a Canadian IT journal with data coming from OpenText, a Canadian software company.

One of the tips is “Be a connector”…People can’t stress it enough that working in teams is key to success. In tech in particular, working in teams is important due to different opinions and strategies to get to the end result. Mei Dent, vice-president for research and development at the Canadian software company OpenText emphasizes this, saying, “Software is a team sport. Diversity makes us strong. Different point of view is a great catalyst for innovation.” 

Another piece of advice from tech’s leading ladies? “Stop limiting yourself”… Confidence is crucial. Being confident is important in tech, not just for women. Having confidence allows you to take pride in your work and to believe in yourself. Megan Cappelleri, manager of information management, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation says, “I believe that you need to have the ability to look within yourself to identify the key skill sets that you have as a woman. Women are typically collaborative, flexible and fabulous at multi-tasking. In the era of digital disruption and social media these skill sets are mandatory.”

Arguably the top leading lady in tech, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, offers some good advice on what it takes to be successful. Sandberg has a number of good quotes that are repeated on and on. As a leader in tech, she offers beneficial advice, such as, “Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.” What she is saying is that there are tons of opportunities in tech right now, so go after your dream job and work your way towards your successful tech career. Explore lateral opportunities to find what you truly enjoy doing and what you are good at doing with your given tech skills. Learn along the way. Don’t just try to go up the ladder all at once.

Cheryl Cook, vice president global channels and alliances at Dell also has solid career advice for people trying to be successful in tech. She says to be yourself. Cook stresses this, saying, “I never let go of me. Or shied away from my femininity and authenticity…to advance in technology, women need to understand what’s rewarded and self-promote.” She stresses the need to build on your technical education and be a high-performer. Never stop learning.

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