Common Workplace Challenges

We all know that workplaces can be filled with some challenges. Some offices more than others. Different challenges for different people. According to there are 5 clear top workplace challenges today. Here are the top 5 workplace challenges as of May 19, 2015, and my added advice on understanding these and taking on these obstacles.

  1. Employee engagement — According to, 31.7 percent of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs. We can do better than that! Work with you team in your office to bolster pride and a community feeling. Plan after work events. Organize volunteering at a local charity event so that employees can engage with one another on the weekend.
  2. Time management – This shouldn’t be a surprise. We are all very busy people; some people are busy due to home life and work life balance. Some are busy for other reasons. Whatever the reasons, try to be organized and stay on top of your work. Work life balance continues to be a topic for discussion. Try to plan out what work you will do in the morning and what you will do in the afternoon if you are in a traditional setting with a lunch break.
  3. Overwhelming workloads –Workloads vary from job to job. But there is no denying that Americans a lot. The heavy workloads can make work life balance and time management tough. Try to plan ahead. Planning ahead and strategizes before you start a new project at work or complete new tasks can help. I cant say enough about how much time planning ahead can save you when it comes to completing a big task at work.
  4. Employee turnover –In 2014, the average turnover rate across all industries was 15.7 percent. Much is to be done to improve this number, but creating a positive work environment and encouraging employees to engage with one another can assist in decreasing turnover. Create a community at the office and collaborate with colleagues. Try to look out for the new guy or look out for that employee that seems to be struggling and might want to leave. A positive work environment with strong work relationships can lead to productivity and happiness for employees.
  5. Open communication — Communication is key. All of the above common workplace challenges have to do with communication in some way. Engage! Collaborate! Communicate! Results will follow.

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