Land the Job, Get the Promotion, or Just Get Ahead: How to Impress

June 17th, 2015 | Food for Thought, Hiring Resources, Interviewing, Job Search | No Comments »


Everyday or whenever we meet someone new which is more often than not, we form opinions of others and they form opinions of us based on impressions. When you’re job hunting or just looking to get ahead, especially professionally speaking, impressions matter. 

According to Inc. online’s partner website The Muse, “Some experts estimate that 85% of your financial success comes not from your skills or knowledge, but from your ability to connect with other people and engender their trust and respect. Within seconds, everyone you meet forms an impression that largely determines whether they’ll like, trust, and respect you. Whether you’re job-hunting or fundraising or leading an organization, making a good impression is absolutely critical.”

So, I think you get the point. Making an impression matters, whether you like it or not. Impressions matter in both our personal and professional lives, but making a good impression in a professional setting can be tough to master. If you want to land your next job or get a promotion or just make a good impression on your coworkers, there are some tips that can assist with this. Obviously it is important to be your self and do your best to be the best employee you can be, but free advice that can help you get ahead is hard to pass up. So, that being said, read on for some tips on how to make a good impression within seconds.


  • Neutralize the situation — Take the effort to be mindful of your immediate signals. Evaluate the meeting and make sure there is positive air and if it does not seem that positive vibes are flowing, try to neutralize this meeting and show interest. 
  • Be aware of personal space — mind your own personal space and be aware of the personal space of others. Follow the other person’s cues. Take note of their gestures and see if the situation is relaxed and make sure the positive vibes are felt.
  • Be yourself — this will allow for consistency when it comes to  your general image. By being yourself from the beginning, this will leave little room for surprises later with a different side of your personality.
  • Body language matters —Actions speak louder than words…or so they say, and it is essential that you are approachable. Make sure your facial expressions are positive and inviting.
  • Stay positive — this goes with all the other tips above, so it is self-explanatory.
  • Control your attitude — again this goes with the positive vibes and being inviting in general. Give off good energy. Whatever energy you give off in your first meeting will establish the impression you give to the other person.
  • Dress for success — look presentable and approachable (yes approachable again! key word!) so that you can give off a nice first impression that shows you are a conscientious person and you care about your job and general well-being. Be yourself while also being professional and meeting the standards of the work situation. The way you are dressed sends a message about who you are and what your package is like. Be your own personal brand. Determine what your personal brand is, and then maintain this image.
  • Have a personal statement — yes your personal statement is what you are as a brand, but have an actual verbal personal statement that you would like to share upon meeting someone new at work or in your next interview or meeting.


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