What Keeps Employees Interested in Their Jobs?

Do you ever think about the idea of a job being related to happiness and interest? Yes, a job pays the bills. So, jobs are necessary to live your life and cover your expenses. But, sometimes jobs also keep us interested. Employees strengths also matter when it comes to interest, because if you have strong skills in the area you are working, you will be naturally more interested.

Sometimes we like our jobs! And as a staffing agency, we care about placing people in jobs that will keep them interested. Which brings us to the idea of employee interest. What keeps employees interested in their jobs? Are they regularly interested in the work they are doing on the job? If so, what keeps them interested in the routine things they do at work? An employee engagement consultancy recently shared some insight into the idea of employee interest. The Marcus Buckingham Company shared 4 key things that they say keep employees interested in their jobs. Let’s see what these 4 things are..

  1. Purpose – Understanding the company’s mission and your role in it
  2. Excellence – Feeling like you can succeed because of your strengths and shared values
  3. Support – Having a team that helps you and recognizes your work
  4. Future – Envisioning growth for both the company and your career

The 4 things in the list above are the direct findings of The Marcus Buckingham Company’s study. But, we couldn’t agree more. Employee happiness and interest matter and being in the right job for you is important to productivity. You need to know what the mission and purpose of the organization you are working tirelessly to support are… you should know the reasons you work so hard everyday. Do you support the mission? Do you feel like you and the company you support are contributing to society in a way that you agree with? Are you sharing your strengths with your organization and using these strengths to boost the company’s own uphill trajectory? Does the growth and prosperity of the company matter to you? Are you interested in taking your job to the next level and helping your company reach new heights? Ask yourself these questions. Find the right job.

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