How to Make a Good Impression Online…It Matters to Your Job Hunt

July 21st, 2015 | Food for Thought, Job Search | No Comments »

A job interview consultant and career adviser, Vicky Oliver, recently shared some tips on how to make a good impression online. Let’s get straight to it and see what the top tips she thinks you need to know to make a “killer first impression online”.

  1. Be the curator of your own online presence. You know yourself best but ensure you put your business-worthy self out there on the internet and keep it professional. 
  2. Use true photos. You want to be recognizable in your online photos. Don’t retouch your photos to a level where no one can recognize you…be your true self in your online photos.
  3. Don’t vent online. Keep your inner venting thoughts to yourself or at least offline. Political and controversial rants online will most likely not help you get hired.
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is used for professionals and it serves its purposes. Many hiring managers use LinkedIn to look up candidates. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.
  5. Clean up your online profile. Make sure it is spotless. Just make sure you have all of your information that you want to give off in a accurate manner.
  6. Be in charge of your personal branding. Make the changes online to reflect the image you want to give off.