Thank You from Omni One Dublin

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Thank You

As our fiscal year comes to a close, we are reflecting on the bits and pieces that make up our office and are simply overwhelmed at how fortunate we are to do what we do. Each member of our small branch is thankful for the outstanding clients and applicants in which we have had the honor to form relationships and work together in order to achieve a mutual goal. In this year alone, we know that we have changed hundreds of futures for the better.

As a common practice, our office encourages our applicants and clients to leave us a testimonial on our website after having a positive experience with a recruiter. We appreciate those comments and take pride in what we do every day, while working hard to keep our clients and applicants happy with the service we are providing. As our own personal “thank you” to our outstanding clients and applicants this fiscal year, a few of us wanted to share a memory of our most favorite recruiting experiences in 2014-2015.

One of my most favorite applicants I had found on Monster, and it was ironic because he applied to Omni One the exact same day. He was not pleased with his job, and his skills and pay were undervalued. Throughout the whole process he was always quick to provide me with every detail I needed, always answered emails and returned phone calls –and even referred other applicants to me! I place him at a company and he seems extremely happy there! – Mackenzie Kyes


I placed a guy at a company within a supervisor role recently. After his first week, I called him to see how he was doing and asked him if he knew of anybody else with similar skills to fill another role at the company. He told me that a good friend of he and his wife’s was currently living in a spare bedroom in their house and needed help finding work, as well. I interviewed him, sent him to the same company, and they hired him a day later in the same role. Now they both work at the same company as supervisors and are loving their jobs. – Brad Beleski


I was working with an applicant who was living near Indianapolis and had been trying for over a year to move back to the South Bend area. She had driven up there several times for on-site interviews, and made the final step several times, but never landed the job. Before I called, she started to get discouraged and halted her search. However, within 2 weeks of our first call, we found a position in the area for better pay and benefits, inside an industry she prefers. She just needed someone to help build her confidence. Now she’s closer to home, friends, and family…while loving her job. – Hal Hamilton


I really enjoyed working with one applicant that was in purchasing. He wanted to be in automotive manufacturing, but no one would give him a chance without automotive manufacturing experience. I was able to get him in an automotive supplier! I enjoyed the process of talking to him and going through the emotions of a new position and moving. He was a great guy and I’m glad I got to help! – Kaitlin Daniel