Make the Most of Your Workday

October 22nd, 2015 | Food for Thought | No Comments »


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Ever wonder why there aren’t more hours in the day? Do you think about this often? Are you swamped and unable to prioritize tasks and feel like you are running out of time at work every day? A new article looks at this topic of maximizing your time a work. You need to focus on maximizing your time in and out the office in order to be more productive.

To start, here is a quote from the article that we like…it shows that completing the to-do list items is tough for everyone:

“I don’t think there’s anyone who could get through their whole to-do list,” says psychologist Josh Davis, PhD, author of Two Awesome Hours. Consequently, people end up either working constantly—or they rely on psychology and neuroscience to help them reach maximum productivity potential.

Now, what to do about trying to get through the to-do list? What can we do to be more productive? How can we get more done in our workday so that it seems like we are adding hours to the day? Let’s look at how to hone in on productivity skills. These are some of our favorite tips from the article.

  •  Process

The process matters! Having a process can be essential when it comes to tackling a task. If you don’t have a good strategy and process, you will spend hours pondering the same topic over and over again.

  • Be “done”

As the article puts it, “We know that, sometimes, in order to get through the most mundane tasks, we need to give ourselves rewards to keep us going. This strategy also breaks the tasks into smaller increments, making it much more manageable.” It’s ok to reward yourself…you deserve it! Having goals is one thing, but if you have a reward for yourself at the end of the goal, you can look forward to working hard to achieve your goals in a faster way. This is great for self-confidence.

  •  Focus on nourishment…food and water feed the soul…and the brain

In order to be more productive and accomplish more of your goals in a shorter time frame, your body needs to be ready. You can check more items off of your checklist if you are in good physical and mental standing. This matters on a daily basis. Drink water regularly at work. The body and brain need water not only to survive, but to flourish. Make healthy lunch choices. Take a walk outside to pick up lunch and get some fresh air. A quick break for the mind and body can allow for refueling and when you come back to your work your mind and body will be ready to move at full speed.