Productivity Tips…From a Billionaire

October 16th, 2015 | Food for Thought, Resume | No Comments »


Ever wonder how some of the world’s billionaires maintain productivity? What do they to do to be the best they can be everyday? How have the billionaires of the world been so productive and managed their time so well? I think we can all learn from these billionaires. They know first hand what it takes to be the best you can be to make the company you work for the best it can be. 

In a new article  we get some great tips from a pretty cool billionaire…he did start a beer company and become a billionaire making beer. We are talking about Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams. Let’s see what his top productivity tips are and what he does to stay productive and on top of his work.

These are our favorites of his tips:

  • Live your business from the moment you wake up.

Koch said in the article that he’s remained driven by not losing touch with his product…ever; despite how big his company has become, he tastes his product every day. Koch said he starts his day with a beer sampling each morning to ensure quality consistency.

Know your product, your company’s product, what you are selling…know what your work is about. This is key to success in maintaining productivity.

  • Pick three things that must get done each day, and put them on a Post-it note.

He stays on top of things to be organized. Every morning before leaving his house, he checks his calendar and email, and then writes three things onto a Post-it note that he must accomplish that day. You need to know what you have to do in order to do it, so make lists. It really does help. You can ensure your organization is on top of its goals if you are on top of yours; this ensures you are contributing to the success as a whole and staying up to date.